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Fun and interactive for candidates, fast and cost effective for venues

PLACED is a revolutionary mobile and web application with a super slick matching algorithm and highly advanced filtering system, allowing venues to automatically match with candidates based on skills, experience, personality and any other specified criteria and needs.


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PLACED makes looking for your next job fun! Not only is the process simple and efficient, but you’ll also get industry benefits and discounts at cool restaurants and bars as well as access to all the hottest hospitality news, recruitment tips and advice.

Just create your profile by answering some simple questions about your experience in the industry and the calibre of venues you have worked at in the past and PLACED will then automatically match you to suitable roles at suitable venues.


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Be in-the-know with access to juicy industry news as well as benefits and discounts at trendy venues.


Placed is free to download, super easy to use and automatically matches you to suitable venues.

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Recruitment revolutionised


PLACED helps your venue instantly match and connect to the right staff for you: no time wasting whatsoever! Our competitive pricing structure will save you money by allowing you to place as many candidates as you like for a small monthly subscription fee.


Our technology allows your search to be narrowed down even further based on more specified criteria if need be.


Our candidates are prompted to respond to interview requests within at least 24 hours, saving you valuable time!


Our competitive, all-inclusive monthly subscription fee will save you money, giving you peace of mind that your hard earned revenue is not wasted on unsuitable candidates.


All candidate and venue profiles are uniform and formatted equally for a more seamless and easy-to-use process.


Prompt notifications and rating systems ensure candidates are still actively looking for work and are scoring well enough to be using the app.


Invite candidates to interviews directly through the app, direct message them or take some time and short-list them for later!



Q: Is it possible to filter my search?

A: You can indeed filter your search through various options and criteria. Are you looking for candidates who live in a close proximity to your venue? No problem! Want candidates with visible tattoos or piercings? Sure thing!

Q: As a venue, will I be contacted by candidates?

A: All interview requests and direct messages will be initiated by the venue but candidates who may not be matched to you still have the option to apply for your job post. You will only see these expressions of interest however if you choose to view the applications tab. There’s a lot of great candidates out there so should you want to train someone up, we leave that option up to you!

Q: If I am part of a restaurant group, is it possible to register as a group or should each venue have its own account?

A: You can register as a group and match with candidates on the criteria of your group, however we strongly advise registering each venue separately to ensure the matching system works effortlessly should your requirements vary between each venue and its concept, location or cuisine etc.

Q: : Is there a limit to how many people I can view, interview and employ?

A: Certainly not! Feel free to use Placed to view, interview and place as many people as you like!

Q: Do I have to rate a candidate after every interview?

A: At Placed, we strive to ensure that only the best, actively looking candidates use our service. To help us do that, we do indeed ask you to rate your interviews to help us manage quality.


Q: Can I upload my CV?

A: In order to keep things simple and save you time, your profile will become your CV. Our questionnaires will ascertain your experience, skills, education, likes and dislikes and match you to the perfect roles for you! There is of course various options you can choose to add in extra special information about yourself should you want to express that.

Q: Do I have to pay to use Placed?

A: Not at all! Placed is completely free to use. Simply download the app from the Appstore or create your profile online at

Q: Can I only see jobs that are matched to me? What if I want to view all opportunities?

A: You will be able to view two tabs on your feed. One with all of your matches and another with opportunities that you haven't been matched with but might be interested in applying for anyway.

Q: When I find a job I like, how do I apply?

A: Simply hit ‘APPLY’!

Q: How do I contact the venues?

A: You can apply for jobs that you like the sound of but it is the venues who initiate a direct conversation with you or invite you to an interview.

Q: How will I find out if I’ve been hired?

A: It is the venues responsibility to let you know directly whether they would like to Place you or not.

Q: How can I access industry news and benefits?

A: Simply go to your main menu and scroll down to find industry news and benefits. It is here that you can access and ever-changing array of juicy discounts and benefits at trendy venues across London

Q: Why can’t I see any matches or access industry benefits?

A: Make sure that you have finished the registration process. Simply go to ‘Edit Profile’ on the main menu and answer our questionnaire to create your profile. Once this has been done you will be able to see your matches as well as access all our industry benefits and news.