5 Key Elements To Consider When Interviewing For a Job In Hospitality

Wed 11 2018  |  Adaya


1.) Research, Research, Research

Although it’s a given that you must research the company you are applying to beforehand, many candidates tend to ignore this, particularly those interviewing for jobs in hospitality.

It’s easy to lose focus from the employer and get carried away with justifying and highlighting your own experience. However, displaying knowledge about the place you’re proposing to work for shows not only that you’re willing to put in effort to learn about them, but also gives you a chance to understand whether or not you’ll fit within the company culture and what it stands for. 


“Read up about the place you are interviewing at, to show an interest in what the business is about. It shows you really care about the job and are already looking at how you can take the company’s ethos on board which is vital to transmit to customers.”

— Natalie Diaz-Fuentes: Santo Remedio


“Know your interviewer! Research the brand, ask yourself why you like it and why you are at the interview. Think about what they may ask you and prepare. Its all basics, but its amazing how many people fail at this!”

— Kamran Dehdashti: The Little Yellow Door

2.) Enthusiasm and passion 

Hospitality is one of the few industries which offers plenty of opportunities regardless of experience. Most employers admit that they would rather hire a passionate individual over an experienced one, if the former proves to have a better attitude and personality fit for the job position.

They’re willing to train a dedicated and passionate candidate with the right attitude, which is definitely something worth taking advantage of. 

Never try to lie about your experience, or pretend to be someone you’re not. Be honest about your abilities, and show eagerness to learn.



“Passion is key for us! You can’t offer someone passion, but with the right training we certainly can do!”

— Riccardo McMillan Wright – Duck & Waffle / SushiSamba


“Come as you are. Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Don’t appease the interviewer by agreeing to something that you don’t feel comfortable with just to make them happy. It will backfire in the long run!”

— Kamran Dehdashti: The Little Yellow Door


“I look for staff who are very eager to learn.”

–Robert Ortiz, Head Chef at Lima Fitzrovia


3.) Knowing what you’re in for

Most hospitality roles mean long hours, near non-stop physical activity and lots of pressure. It’s also usually means dealing with a lot of contingencies, no matter the type of job.

 Keeping a level head in such situations in essential, as is doing your best to, at the very least, maintain the standard of service you’re required to. Patience and consistency are the two pillars upon which all hospitality jobs stand. 

“Be aware! There are long hours, its very hard and there are lots of moving variables”

— Gordon Ker, Blacklock



4.) Work Ethic and Personal Grooming

Granted, it’s not quite possible to display the full extent of your work ethic in one meeting, but there are still a few (very simple) ways to make a stellar impression on your interview. Arrive on time, and arrive well-groomed.

Try and stick to the dress code, if specified beforehand. Make sure your hands, nails in particular are clean, because most hospitality jobs require them to be on display while serving customers.


“Always arrive on time”

–Robert Ortiz, Head Chef at Lima Fitzrovia


“Make sure your have clean nails and fresh breath ;)”

–Carlo Carello from Albert’s Private Member’s Club



5.) Warmth and Optimism

Of course, this doesn’t mean that employers need you to constantly don a joker-esque smile on your face. But emanate genuine warmth and kindness when interacting with other people.  One needs to be relaxed and happy oneself in order to make others around them feel the same way.


“Warmth is key since our guests are at the heart of everything we do here.”

–Marianne Long, HR co-ordinator at the Zetter Group