A Chinese moon cake party is coming to London

Fri 09 2017  |  admin

China’s mid-autumn festival is on the horizon, and on the way with it are moon cakes.

These round pastries that often come filled with red bean paste are synonymous with the harvest festival, which is always celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar — that works out as October 4 this year.

Chinatown newbie Bun House will be marking the night by throwing what it’s billing as London’s first ever mooncake party. Its downstairs bar Tea Room will see DJs play until 2am, while flights of mooncakes and specially mixed cocktails will be served.

Tickets, which should be booked in advance to guarantee entry, cost £11.74 and include a welcome cocktail plus a mooncake flight included in the price.

But it’s not just a one night affair at the bar, which takes its design lead from 1960s Hong Kong. Throughout September it will offer two types of mooncake — a traditional white lotus seed paste recipe alongside Bun House’s own take which will be filled with custard and encased in golden brown soft outer pastry and embossed with a traditional design featuring the symbols for longevity and prosperity.

via Evening Standard