An Insight Into The Future of Food and Drink

Thu 01 2018  |  admin

We love to make it, read about it, Instagram about it and we are surrounded by more of it than ever before. Food and drink. Some would say we’re obsessed by it, which has driven the industry to become highly dynamic when it comes to demanding consumers seeking diversity, quality and value.

With the end of a whirlwind year fast approaching, comes the analysis of exciting global trends that are set to take our tastebuds by storm in 2018. The food and beverage sector is in for a game-changing year with even more business growth expected and a whole lot of brands turning their focus to food and drink as it maintains it’s position as a valuable ingredient for many retail precincts, social hubs and brands in both Australia and around the world.

Here at the projects*, 2017 marked a serious love affair between our team and the world of food and drink. We even managed to make our gluttonous dreams come true and put the two together for Lion’s pop-up restaurant,The Dining Table — 10 nights, 10 of Australia’s coolest chefs pairing drool worthy meals with a variety of beers. I still have heavenly dreams about it.

Myself and many others are spending more and more of our hard earned dollars on food festivals, delivery services, tightening our grip on sugar and trying to keep up with the who’s who of the culinary glitterati. This week we’ve delved a little deeper and have identified a variety of trends that are growing in the food and drink category, not only relating to what people will be eating but also the business of food experiences, showing a brief insight into how you too could find your brand’s secret sauce.



The experience of eating is also moving beyond what’s on the plate, with designers focusing their attention on tableware as a means of shaping the dining experience. Design studio Michel and Fabian, created a kooky spoon that claims to improve the flavour of food by mimicking the experience of licking one’s finger. Skeptical? Let me introduce you to The Goûte spoon.

“Our idea is to reconnect people with that sensuality of eating, but in an elegant way. The Goûte spoon is an extension of the finger, if you like.” — Charles Michel



While Kombucha has been around for centuries, it has only of late made its way to the mainstream market. Much of it has to do with the growing consumer desire to find healthier alternatives to carbonated soft drinks. In such a competitive and increasingly saturated market, how does one make cut through and create a meaningful connection with mass consumers? LA’s beverage company Kombucha Dog has taken a crack at it. Besides their delicious, naturally fermented beverage, what makes them truly stand out from the pack? They have taken Kombucha a step further, wanting to add another benefit: giving back to dogs. Every bottle is labeled with the picture of a rescue dog awaiting his or her forever home. By working closely with local rescue groups, Kombucha Dog has helped place over 100 dogs with their forever families. By tapping into a large relevant consumer passion point of doing good in the world (and dogs of course), the brand has creatively broken perceptions and made a quirky, feel-good statement. Just by picking up a bottle, you could fall in love with your new favorite beverage — and your new best friend.


If you’re not too fussed on hopping on the matcha train, but still worried about stained teeth from coffee, never fear, CLR CFF is here. Coffee addicts can now find solace in clear coffee, thanks to Slovakian brothers David and Adam Nagy. The beverage reportedly tastes like a cold brew, but looks like water and can be drunk cold on the go, or even in cocktails.