Argentinian Restaurant ‘Chimis’ is now open on Southwark Bridge Road

Mon 01 2018  |  admin

The restaurant comes from Nicolas Modad, former head chef at Brindisa, and Federico Fugazza of Porteña, an Argentinian street food stall in Borough Market.

The Spot:

They’ve taken over the El Vergel site on Southwark Bridge Road, a Chilean restaurant whose owner has just retired. The founders of Chimis spent a lot of time socialising together here and so it made sense to move into the space when the time was right.

The Food:

This is very traditional and we’re excited by the potential for a great Argentinian restaurant in London.

Signature starters include grilled provolone cheese with chimichurri, peppers and mushrooms, and mollejas – sweetbreads with lemon sauce. There are also traditional snacks like empanadas, with daily changing filings.

Mains focus on grilled protein, so there’s octopus, charred on the grill and served with stuffed polenta and salsa criolla (an onion salsa). There’s also lots of red meat, including sirloin and rib eye steaks and lamb cutlets, all served with bright, punchy sauces.

Desserts, we’re pleased to see, feature a whole lot of dulce de leche.

The Drinks:

There’s a short selection of soft and alcoholic drinks. We’ll have one of the Argentinian beers, thanks.

The Damage:

Snacks and starters are around £3–7; main courses are £13–23 and desserts around £4. One of those Argentinian beers will cost you £4–5.

In a Nutshell:

We’re very intrigued by this one. It’s clear they’re aiming to keep things very traditional and we hope that this menu will serve both the expat community and new, curious diners. We’re certainly keen to see if this could be the start of a new wave of interest in South American food in London. Peruvian food has enjoyed a recent boom, why not Argentinian?

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