Coffee hipsters in Sydney have invented the carrot latte

Fri 06 2017  |  admin

It’s official; we have reached peak hipster latte.

Drinking the same old latte in a ceramic or paper cup can get boring for some, which is why coffee hipsters in Australia have been drinking their lattes out of avocados.

And now root vegetables are getting in on the action; a cafe in Sydney has invented the ‘carrot latte’.

The team at Locals Corner shared a picture of the fusion food creation on their Facebook earlier this week:

It’s not the first time the cafe has experimented with alternative coffee cups. Last week, the team used an apple to serve up their lattes.

And it’s not just the Aussies getting creative with their coffee. Baristas in Texas have been putting tomatoes to work at the West Oak Coffee bar, mixing them together with coffee and hot milk to make ‘tomato cortados’.

There’s no denying these lattes’ Instagrammability, but fruit and veg don’t make the best heatproof vessels, so it’s probably not something to try at home.

Via Evening Standard