Forza Win returns to Peckham this spring

Mon 03 2017  |  admin

Communal dining experiences are all the rage these days.

And yes, Italian ones are two-a-penne.

But Forza Win must be doing something right, because what started as a mere popup has been going for half a decade now – and as of this March, they’re back with their next series of seasonal dinners held in their lofty Peckham warehouse.

It’s a breezy space with whitewashed walls, a giant oven and a pair of vast tables that can be winched up and down from the ceiling (ahem, really putting the ‘table’ in retractable) to make room for either diners or dancer. It’s here that you’ll be settling down to your sociable feast with glorious Italian food, a table full of strangers, and plenty of beer & cocktails to make that latter prospect a touch less formidable.

On the food: they’ll be serving it in the traditional Italian way (that is, with five courses) in the form of a hyper-seasonal menu that changes every week, but just to give your imagination a little something to go on, picture whipped white beans on sourdough & duck ham to start, some sumptuous flame-grilled lamb neck fillet and creamy nettle risotto somewhere in the middle, and a collection of fresh, zingy sorbets to finish.

Forza Win | Unit 4.1 Copeland Park, 133 Copeland Road, SE15 3SN

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