Hilarious snaps reveal restaurants’ most bizarre ways of serving a meal

Fri 07 2017  |  admin

Many restaurants pay great care to the way their food is presented, but these photos prove that sometimes it pays to keep it simple. These hilarious snaps, taken by diners around the world and posted on Bored Panda, show how creativity can quickly spiral out of control and lead to dishes that are bizarre, impractical, or just plain unappetising.

From a full English breakfast on a shovel to fish and chips on a Ferris wheel, some restaurants like to use innovative serving techniques to spice up well-known recipes. Others, such as the sliced strawberries served on individual chairs, bring a dramatic flair to any meal time.

While the outlandish ideas might not be to everyone’s taste, one thing is for certain – these dishes are anything but boring.

1. Step right up! Fish and chips are given the circus treatment with this Ferris wheel platter

2. Dig in! A shovel makes a highly unusual plate for this large full English breakfast

3. Cocktail food! A sandwich, onion rings and a pizza are all balanced on sticks in this drink

4. Cup of cake? Slices are placed on towering sprinkle-covered drinks for the ultimate treat

4. Prize-winner: Diners can make no mistake about the quality of this scotch egg

5. Dressed to impressed: One of the most unusual offerings is this doll covered in slices of ham

6. Reading room: This restaurant presents its afternoon tea nibbles in an upcycled shelving unit

Via Daily Mail