New opening: 400 Rabbits

Wed 12 2016  |  admin

400 Rabbits – a sourdough pizza and craft beer place – has just opened its second outlet in Nunhead.

While 400 Rabbits might seem like an odd name for a pizzeria, there’s actually a fascinating story behind the moniker. The Aztecs used to worship a goddess of alcohol and a god of fermentation. Legend has it these two got together one fateful night, a divine coupling which produced 400 offspring. These 400 offspring were also known as the 400 rabbit gods. Since fermentation forms the heart of pizza and beer-making, it seemed only fitting that this restaurant paid homage to this bit of Aztec folklore.

400 Rabbits takes great pride in the sourcing of the ingredients for their toppings. They spare no expense, using only San Marzano DOP tomatoes for a good balance between acidity and sweetness. They also use Caseificio Ponticorvo, a fior di latte mozzarella, a cheese with a high fat content which makes for better melting. As for the rest of their toppings, 400 Rabbits uses mainly seasonal British produce. Their charcuterie comes from British charcuterie specialists, Cannon & Cannon, who work only with ethically and sustainably reared animals.

Nothing goes better with pizza than a good beer and their craft beer offering includes small brewers, both from the UK and further afield, including Mikkeller, Fourpure, Beavertown, Moor, The Kernal and Sirencraft.

Their pizza bases are fermented for at least 48 hours before being baked off in a wood-fired oven. Gluten-free? Rest in… pizza: plenty of options are available.

The original Crystal Palace restaurant opened just a year ago in August 2015. The new 400 Rabbits takes its place along Evelina Road where Bambuni, a wine and cheese grocery business, previously stood. Also close by is Mediterranean restaurant Peckham Bazaar.

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