People of Placed

Fri 04 2019  |  Adaya



There are nearly 2 million people working in hospitality in the Uk. But, behind these big numbers are millions of amazing people.

This is Cecilie – a Danish Writer/Waitress that makes us at Placed HQ feel like couch potatoes. She works two jobs, studies full time, speaks Japanese and has a fully functioning relationship. We’re tired just thinking about it.


We think she already has a multi-tasking superpower but, if she had to choose?

“It would be teleportation. For two reasons. The first, to travel the world. I could go for a stroll in a park in Kyoto on my lunch break, and then be at work without anyone knowing. And two, I would never be late.”

Honestly, If we could teleport we think we’d be tempted to skip work, but we’re glad our candidates are so dedicated.  


Cecilie is a great example of the people we find jobs for all over London- like the one she found at Ichibuns Restaurant. We’re sure they know how lucky they are.


Do you know (or are you) our next candidate of the month? Tag them in the comments for a chance to tell their story.