Placed App: find your next job now!

Thu 09 2016  |  admin

Looking for a job in London? We all know the journey towards the perfect job is long and hard. But Placed App is your guardian angel whose mission is to guide you through London until your next job!
As the employment opportunities in London are very abundant, finding a job might not be that complicated. Though, when it comes to a quality job (great team, nice area and of the salary you deserve!) it’s definitely another story! And this is where Placed App comes in handy. Indeed, thanks to its powerful algorithm, Placed App only matches you to job opportunities bringing all your expectations together! So to speak, if you’re looking for a Head Bartending position localized in Shoreditch with a minimum wage of 12£/h in friendly venue, then Placed App will show you only few opportunities but that utterly match your aspirations.

As one image is worth a long discourse, please check out this brief video: