Placed Update October 2018

Mon 11 2018  |  Adaya

Your Placed account has some cool new features!

So, what does that mean for you?

It means better usability, clearer candidate segmentation and some new features to play with!
You’ll find the following new changes on the app –

1.)  Message, shortlist, invite to an interview or even reject simply by ticking a box

It’s easier than ever manage your candidate applications and matches now – Our newest feature allows a user to easily and quickly perform bulk actions like shortlist, group message and even invite candidates to an interview. You can select multiple candidates by ticking the checkbox next to their pictures and choose an action under Actions on the menu bar on the top-right.

2.)  New customization features for your interview invites

You get to decide invite multiple candidates at once, and the app automatically suggests time and date slots for the interview.


3.)  Messages, Short Lists, and Interviews are now divided by job roles!

In order to identify and keep a track of candidates better, all the conversations, short-listed candidates and interviews are automatically sorted by job roles.




P.S. See the tiny buttons called “All “and “None”? You can select or de-select all the candidates on a page by a clicking on them. Pretty sweet, right?


Want to try it out for yourself? Login to your account.


Happy to help.

Feel free to reach out to us at for any questions about using the app.