The Best Iced Coffee in London

Fri 06 2017  |  admin

Cold coffee.

It’s been getting some good press lately.

Which of course means that London is now overrun with both chains and independent bean grinders offering ice cold brews – and so, in our quest to sort the wheat from the chaff (or whatever the coffee-bean equivalent is), we’ve been on a lengthy, and somewhat jittery, journey across the capital to find the best offerings.

So now you’ll know the ones really worth the buzz…

Workshop Coffee | Fitzrovia
Not satisfied with simply smashing their cold brew out of the park, Workshop, true to their name, are continuing to innovate the cold coffee offering. Here, baristas become bartenders, serving up black coffee on the rocks, with big pebbles of ice in stylish tumblers; Shakeratos, a espresso milkshake-style drink mixed up with orange blossom; and the pre-bottled Bloom, a coffee drink lengthened with beet sugar and Sicilian lemon juice that you can knock back like a lemonade on a hot day.

Details: 80 Mortimer Street, W1W 7FE

Press Coffee & Co | Fleet Street
The Fleet Street Press are already known for their excellent coffee, cutting-edge technology and all-round laid-back vibe in the midst of London’s busiest professional areas. However, they’re now also one of the few places in London where you can track down Sandow’s nitro cold brew on tap. Already boasting a devoted following to their off-the-shelf bottles, this sees the brew infused with nitrogen so that it can be poured on draught with a smooth, creamy head, just like a Guinness.

If Guinness made you really, really productive.

Details: 3 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1AU

Monocle Café | Marylebone
Considering even their roadside vending machines sell canned cold coffee, it’s unsurprising that Japan has been at the forefront of the iced coffee (or aisu kōhī) trend for decades. Bringing the expertise over here are the perfectly minimalist Monocle Café, where not only can you tuck into Japanese and Scandinavian fodder, you’ll find a killer milky iced coffee on offer, brewed with Allpress beans.

Details: 18 Chiltern Street, W1U 7QA

Nude Espresso | Petticoat Lane
Despite being Nude, there’s nothing Emperor New Clothes-y about this place. Sourcing their beans seasonally from fair trade suppliers means that their house-roasted coffee tastes good all year round – but especially with a hefty globule of ice in it.

Details: 8 Bell Lane, E1 7LA

The Distillery | Portobello
The second floor of Portobello Road’s gin palace is dedicated to the humble gin and tonic. Only here, they’re not so humble, since they happen to include a turbo G&T – a concoction of West Wind gin from Australia, cold brew coffee, tonic and cocoa bitters. Which is just the tonic…for just about anything.

Details: 186 Portobello Road, W11 1LA

Brooklyn Coffee | Shoreditch
Serving up pints of pure iced coffee in the sort of industrial quantities required for a stuffy Monday morning, Shoreditch’s Brooklyn Coffee occupy a minimalist space on Commercial Street, brewing up Caravan-blended coffee that comes either black or flushed with milk – either way, they’re pretty dang refreshing.

Details: 139 Commercial St, E1 6EB

OPSO | Marylebone
Greek brews. They’re the alpha of the coffee world. And this Greek tapas spot lives right up to expectations, serving everything from rose-infused coffee prepared in a Turkish ibrik (a mini copper pot on a long handle that sits on the stove) to an in-house cold brew. Head straight for the traditional Greek iced coffees like the Capuccino Freddo (no really, it is Greek), which comes with a floating layer of frothed milk that gradually filters into the rest of the brew.

Details: 10 Paddington Street, W1U 5QL

Prufrock Coffee | Clerkenwell
Blinding us with science are the coffee connoisseurs over at Prufrock, whose in-house cold brew technique, created with one drip of water every two seconds, calls for “cold water to be added drip by drip through a precise flow restrictor into a bed of ground coffee that is suspended above a filter. Gravity fed liquid coffee then collects in a jug underneath”. And while technically most cafés offer gravity-obeying coffees, this spot undoubtedly offers one of the best. Whatever wizardry they’re doing back there, it’s clearly worth it.

Details: 23-25 Leather Lane, EC1N 7TE

TAP | Soho
TAP’s cold brew is exceptional – and while it doesn’t actually come on tap, it does come in some particularly dinky pre-bottled serves. Priding themselves on their coffee roasted in small batches from hand-picked suppliers, TAP’s industrially-styled haven on Wardour Street is a temple to top-shelf coffee – so check out the iced latte while you’re there, too.

Details: 193 Wardour Street, W1F 8ZF

Dirty Bones | Soho
This is an important drink, for three key reasons:
1) It’s a heavenly concoction of cognac, Mozart chocolate liqueur, a triple espresso and cream,
2) It can be found in Dirty Bones Soho, which means you have the perfect excuse to then go on to eat beef short rib in a salted caramel BBQ sauce, cheeseburger dumplings and crispy lamb fries, and
3) You really need more reasons?

Details: 14 Denman St, W1D 7HJ

Kaffeine | Oxford Circus
Ok, so they can’t spell, but they do know what’s what when it comes to coffee. Going strong since 2009, the Aussie and Kiwi-run Kaffeine was at the forefront of the coffee renaissance in London. Boasting meticulous production standards, they serve their Square Mile iced coffees in frozen glasses, just in case those pesky room temperature vessels have been interfering with your perfect brew.

Details: 66 Great Titchfield Street, W1W 7QJ

White Mulberries | St. Katherine’s Docks
So, not only does this little dockside coffee spot have this view, it also serves up excellent iced coffee, including a ‘sparkling black’ – an espresso lengthened with sparkling water, ice and a slice of orange. But let’s be honest, you’re going to be here for the long haul – so you may as well dive straight in with the Bailey’s latte.

Details: D3 Ivory House, St. Katharine Docks, E1W 1AT

Lantana | Old Street
Founded by a trio of Aussies, Lantana is another bastion of Antipodean coffee culture that’s taken root in our hitherto sorely deprived city. Here they use a blend from the Alchemy roasters combining Brazilian and Colombian beans, which is given the cold brew treatment for 12 hours to create a refreshing little number where you can actually taste half the flavours (hazelnut, caramel, blackcurrant) you’re supposed to.

Details: 2 Oliver’s Yard, 55 City Road, EC1Y 1HQ

Timberyard | Seven Dials
Serving up iced coffees every which way are Timberyard, a café masquerading as an office where they take coffee very seriously. Working with a number of single origin roasts, they’ll add ice to anything on their menu – but the ones to try are the oatmilk infused latte, or the cold brew with sparkling water and lemon. Oh, and they all come with a stripy straw. Which is nice.

Details: 7 Upper St Martin’s Lane, WC2H 9DL

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