Top 10 tips for interviews

Thu 09 2016  |  admin

So, we all know how stressful these dreaded interviews can be. Luckily Placed is here and we’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to get you ready.

**1. Research the venue**
Research is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to interview success. You must know the venue you are interviewing for, about its services, menu, customers and maybe even its competition. Understanding and addressing the venues needs will give you an all-important advantage. After all you’re the best so show them!

**2. Prepare **
Although not always being necessary, it’s better de be safe than sorry as they say so why not bring along a copy of your resume just in case. We would also advise having paper or a note pad handy to take a few notes.

**3. Be on Time**
For an interview on time is late. Always allow extra time to arrive on location in case you get lost or there is a problem with the tube line (thank you citymapper) An acceptable time to enter the venue for the interview is around 15/10 minutes before hand.

**4. Dress to impress
**Another factor to watch out for is how you present yourself in a Non-verbal way. Before you select what to wear we would suggest taking a look at the venue you are hoping to impress and its “ambiance”. Select the appropriate outfit, make sure it’s clean and unwrinkled then you’re good to go. #OOTD

**5. Seem confident
**We know it’s hard to seem confident sometimes when you’re heading into an interview, we’ve all been there. However certain gestures can help you come across as more confident than nervous. Eye contact, a firm hand shake and a confident voice can get you a long way.

**6 & 7. Listen – Answer
**Many a times has an interviewee gone off course with an answer because the question wasn’t understood. When your interviewer is speaking be attentive, he may be asking a question where you have to read between the lines. If you don’t understand the question you can always ask to repeat or clarify. Make sure what you say is relevant to the previously asked question.

**8. Prove it
**If you’re wanting to put over a skill to your interviewer it’s a huge advantage to have an example or a story on hand to reinforce what you say. Try and keep the story precise, short and preferably one where the outcome was successful! It’s a fairy tale and you managed to create the happy ending.

**9. Ask Questions
**Always pre-prepare questions for your interviewer, show you are interested in the venue by asking about them. Try and avoid a question that could be answered through information that is already available to you on the website for example. If you want to show off maybe you could ask a bounce off question (we’ll give you a freebie): “I saw on your website that you’re renowned throughout London, could I ask how many clients you see on a daily basis?”

**10. Following Up
**The follow up is the final step of the interview, although sometimes being put aside a follow up can sometimes get you the job. Often it can be seen as a sign that you’re really interested in the venue and the offer.

Following these 10 tips hopefully will get you prepared enough to go into those future interviews confident and relaxed. Be yourself and let your personality shine through it’s just as important as your career track if not more in the hospitality industry.