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Jennifer Johannason Photo

Jennifer Johansson

CEO & Co-Founder

"Johan Christof at Shoreditch House definitely provides the best service in London!"

Natalie Chassay Photo

Natalie Chassay

Co-Founder & Head Of Venue Relations

"For me, the best service is effortless. The cool confidence that comes from loving where you work and being proud of it too. I think Padella do an awesome job at that."

Miro Photo

Miro Bazitov

Chief Technology Officer

"I like it when somewhere considered to be high-end provides casual, approachable service. The Mandrake hotel are nailing that angle."

Billy Purvis Photo

Billy Purvis

Software Developer

"I once had a waiter serve us at a restaurant in Soho who ran across the road to buy some dijon mustard I’d asked for. Top service!"

Mike Payne Photo

Mike Payne

Marketing Team

"I know it’s not necessarily super trendy but I have to say that Pret a Manger do a pretty damn good job with their staff. They’re always so happy and smiley in there."

Wilfred Photo

Wilfred Kasekende

Marketing Team

"I think it’d be so cool if more restaurants had the chefs serve the food as well. I’d love it if the chef came out and served your steak or your pasta like “Voila! Bon Appetit” "

Miltion Photo


Candidate Success Manager

"Well, I guess for me it’s all about waitstaff being able to laugh at my jokes… funny or not... 'Waiter, what is this hare doing in my salad? I believe he’s eating your lettuce.' "