Best Summer Job Hot jobs to do this summer

9 Best Jobs to Do This Summer

Summer in the UK is bright, eventful, but unfortunately, a lil’ pricey. In between drinking beers at the pub and having picky bits in the garden, there may be time for you to pick up a job this coming summer!

Employers are always looking to hire in the hotter seasons as more seasonal events take place, and their opening hours extend. Here are some hot jobs to do this summer, including ones that are currently on Placed!

1. Bartender

Nothing screams ‘British Summer’ like boozy nights in beer gardens, and you can still soak in that atmosphere whilst getting paid. Marston’s and Greene King have plenty of bar staff vacancies on the Placed App. La Terraza, part of Ibérica Restaurants, also has a lovely outdoor terrace area so you can also catch those rays whilst on the job. If you prefer skies over grass, it’s a great idea to find work on a rooftop bar!

Iberica Hot jobs to do this summer

2. Tutoring

Just finished your exams recently, knowing you smashed it? Get into tutoring!

It’s only right that you pass on your big brain waves to a hopeful student looking to come back smarter than ever after the summer holidays. The great thing about tutoring is that it’s super flexible, so you can teach a few hours during the week, leaving the weekend completely free! Just remember to put your tutoring ad on a safe website or offer your lessons to families whom you trust.

If all of that seems like effort, just use Placed to get matched with a job instead!

3. Waiter

Following the pandemic, the UK has seen an increase in outdoor dining. Nowadays, we’re seeing dining tables spill out onto the sunny street – we can’t help but eat out! So it’s perfect timing to be snagging a waitstaffing gig. Head to Placed for vacancies in restaurants such as Côte, Marston’s, Belushi’s Bars, and Ibérica.

Most restaurants provide their employees with a complimentary meal on their breaks, and happy Brits or tourists are bound to be generous with tips this summer as well!

4. Retail Assistant

Why not work at some of your favourite high-street stores, whether that be O2, Urban Outfitters or JD Sports? Or find smaller, local shops for a more unique experience. Working in retail offers flexible hours in many locations across the country. Speaking as an ex-retail worker, shifts went fast in the summer months! I also took it as an opportunity to window shop whilst getting paid. You may even get an employee discount at your store!

Pick the shop you like the most – and buy your summer wardrobe at the end of the shift!

Urban Outfitters hot jobs to do this summer

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5. Events/Festival

Do you know how expensive Festival Tickets are? They could be free, if you work as a staff member on the field, at the bar, catering, ushering, etc. If you’re after a fun job to do this summer, this is where you want to be looking.

Or if not festivals, there are plenty of events coming up where you can find flexible work. For example, Wimbledon are hiring on Placed right now!

6. Theme Park Staff

Make your inner child happy and get a summer job at a theme park or arcade. HB Leisure actually have vacancies across the UK, including venues like Chessington, Crealy Adventure Park and Alton Towers, so you don’t have to be living in the major cities to find fun places to work! They’re also doing a ‘recommend a friend’ scheme- where you might be able to earn a bonus just by helping a mate out!

HB Leisure Hot jobs to do this summer

7. Café Barista

Morning hours mean you clock in and finish early enough to change into your best ‘fit and make it to dinner and drinks without any problem. Coffee shops are looking for bright and personable people to join their team – you’ve got to be as energetic as a double shot of espresso.

If coffee isn’t really your thing, dessert cafes are also going to be popular in the coming months (who isn’t tempted by ice cream in 27 degree heat?) so surround yourself with sweet things! We’re for sure going to be checking out cute independent spots like Milk Train, Cafe Kitsune and Kissaten.

8. Hotel Staff

It might be hard to believe that in the height of summer, anyone would be choosing the UK as their holiday destination. But believe us, the hotels are going to be packed this summer! Hotels such as CitizenM are looking for bartenders, housekeepers, night managers and ambassadors (who get to rotate between roles and get a taste of everything!) They offer their employees hotel experiences, and discounts for restaurants on top.

Citizen M hot jobs to do this summer

9. Dog-Walking

No need to look further than down your road! If you love having long walks in the sun, you can make some extra cash with a furry companion.

Dog-walking is simple, low-effort and wholesome (until your neighbour hands you the leash to a Mastiff, that is). It might be worth asking your neighbours if they need a dog-walker or dog-sitter in the coming months, especially if they’re going on holiday and need help maintaining their pet’s exercise.

Some of these companies are also passionate about doing their bit for the planet! Find out more about these eco-friendly brands 🌍