Case Studies

It's more than a job, and more than a person

Creating Success

At Placed, we're about matching up the best venues, with the best candidates. Measuring based on personality, languages, skills and more. With Placed, you can find talent, or find somewhere to share your talent. Read on to find out more great stories of success with Placed.

Cute 'N' Busy venues

If you run an independent restaurant, cafe or bar and would like to know how we can give you a hand with your recruitment needs, click here to read about how we’ve done it in the past.

Buzzing 'N' Busy venues

Do you look after recruitment for a group of venues and constantly looking to for the right candidates to join your brand? Here are the stories of how helped people just like you to tackle this challenge.

Big 'N' Busy

Read on here to learn about the solutions we provide for larger brands, chains and hotels.