PizzaExpress: Where Waiters Stay for 45 Years

Learn all about how PizzaExpress’ welcoming culture is creating life-long careers for it’s staff.

We all know and love PizzaExpress. Got to be the nation’s most loved pizzeria, am I right?

But what makes it such a unique place to work?

PizzaExpress are focused on showcasing their staff’s personality. Far from a corporate environment, PizzaExpress is the place to be yourself and bring all your individuality along with you …no matter how weird you may be. No judgement here!

Build a Life-long Career

Just check out this gentleman who dutifully served PizzaExpress guests as a Waiter for 45 years. 

Ezekiel Martinez estimated he had eaten 13,940 pizzas throughout his time at PizzaExpress. But what’s even more impressive, he never received a single complaint.

But Eze didn’t just serve anyone. According to PizzaExpress’ Facebook post, Eze recalls serving Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall and Rowan Atkinson among others.  Selected by PizzaExpress’ founder, Peter Boizot, to work at a special event at the Royal Academy, he also had the honour of serving Princess Margaret.

Importantly, Ezekiel found a career doing what he loved and PizzaExpress supported him along the way, meaning he never felt the need to explore other pastures.

Ezekiel Martinez, Pizza Express’ longest serving Waiter

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Your Career, Made by You

It’s your career, so you get to experience it the way you choose to.

After all, if work takes up so much of your life, you may as well have it your way. PizzaExpress understands this and strives to ensure that you have full reign of your career.

From Restaurant Manager, to multi-site operator, Restaurant Support office to Director, your destination is up to you. This is your chance to be the next in PizzaExpress’ long line of career development success stories.

Hospitality jobs need not tie you down with long hours and antisocial shifts. You might be looking for a job that sets you up with a progressive career in hospitality, works around your schedule outside of work, or fits in with your studies. Whatever you’re searching for, PizzaExpress jobs have the flexibility to support that.

A History Built on Love

“I’d like to think that all things in my life are concerned with love.” – a quote from PizzaExpress’ founder, Peter Boizot.

A Stylish chap who collected art and listened to Jazz music, Peter always wanted to create a warm, charming restaurant. Simple yet full of character. This has permeated through time and remains the essence of all 470 restaurants across the UK.

In similar fashion, the vision, warmth and love is something that stitches together all staff at PizzaExpress. It’s certainly the place to be if you’re looking for a progressive, positive work environment and a solid team by your side.

Feeling the PizzaExpress vibes yet?

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