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A game-changing app for a fast changing job market

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Iceland – Home Delivery Driver2020-11-03T09:25:35+00:00
Mele & Pere – Restaurant Manager2020-11-03T09:37:14+00:00
Morrisons – Manufacturing Apprenticeship2020-11-03T09:38:35+00:00
Manorcourt Homecare – Care Assistant2020-11-03T09:49:15+00:00
Padella – FOH Member2020-11-03T09:50:28+00:00

Here’s how Placed works for you

Here’s how Placed works for you




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Cecilia Grenouiller

“I think Placed is completely different from job boards. The whole process happens in one place – you get reminders about messages and interviews.”

Robert d’Angelo

“Using quizzes was a great touch, it allowed me to learn a lot more about my industry and gave me an alternate route to other industries.”

Estefanía Solórzano

“I found the sign up process easy because Placed does not need you to upload a CV or a Cover Letter, you just follow simple steps and you’re there.”

Very helpful in getting work. Had a lot of success with this app. Would recommend!

Peter Dalrymple

Actually sensational, so easy to use, all time and stress has been relieved in such an efficient way!

Wolfgang Fawcett

Makes the boring process of applying quick and easy, finally no boring application questions, build your profile and apply. Couldn’t recommend this app any higher! 5/5

Ben Hoskins

My friend recommended I try this app and it’s been great. The perfect platform for finding hassle free and quick jobs.

James Howard

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