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The Placed app puts searching for jobs back in your hands, matching you to service industry roles in a few clicks. Fun, fast and intuitive.


Build your profile and say hello to an algorithm that matches you to jobs you actually want

Early Apply

Follow your target employers to access and apply for their jobs before anyone else


Get job tips from experts and fellow candidates and attend free events to keep your skills fresh


Complete quick Q&As to open up new job paths, prove your skills and earn badges

Track Jobs

Make shortlists, message employers and manage your interviews

Employer Intel

Get intel on employers to see if your values align and prepare for upcoming interviews

An all-in-one platform built for the modern candidate

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Meet our success stories

We’ve helped thousands of people find fulfilling roles

Meet our Success Stories

We’ve helped thousands of people find fulfilling service industry roles.

Cecilia Grenouiller

“I think Placed is completely different from Job Boards… The whole process happens in one place – you get reminders about messages and interviews.”

Robert d’Angelo

“Using quizzes was a great touch, it allowed me to learn a lot more about my industry but at the same time, it gave me an alternate route to other industries.”

Estefanía Solórzano

“I found the sign up process easy because Placed does not need you to upload a CV or a Cover Letter, you just follow simple steps and you’re there.”

Very helpful in getting work. Had a lot of success with this app. Would recommend!

Peter Dalrymple

Actually sensational, so easy to use, all time and stress has been relieved in such an efficient way!

Wolfgang Fawcett

The app has some really great opportunities across some amazing and cool venues across London. I didn’t know some of these venues were hiring. Makes the boring process of applying quick and easy, finally no boring application questions, build your profile and apply!!! Couldn’t recommend this app any higher !! 5/5

Ben Hoskins

My friend recommended I try this app and it’s been great. The perfect platform for finding hassle free and quick hospitality jobs in London.

James Howard

Got a question about Placed?

Got a question about Placed?

Take a look at our FAQs for answers

Take a look at our FAQs for answers

How do I upload my CV?2020-05-29T15:16:18+01:00

We’ve replaced your old CV with a new Placed profile so you don’t need a CV or a cover letter to apply for jobs(Awesome, we know!) All you have to do is answer a few questions and you’ll be on your way.

How can I track my applications?2020-05-29T15:11:36+01:00

You can track all your shortlists and applications in the main menu. A venue will be in touch once they’ve reviewed your profile and are interested in scheduling an interview. If you don’t hear back though, don’t worry, there are so many great opportunities to apply for on Placed.

Do you have any weekend jobs?2020-05-06T14:25:30+01:00

Yes, we have both part and full-time jobs. Just specify your preferences in your settings and we’ll do the rest.

I’m looking for 5 hours work this weekend, how do I apply?2020-05-06T14:25:31+01:00

We don’t have any shift jobs on Placed. If you want to get a shift this weekend, you’ll first need to get a job which Placed can help with.

What’s the difference between the jobs in “matches” and “opportunities”?2020-05-06T14:32:53+01:00

So, all the jobs in your matches tab are the jobs that match your skills, likes and needs. Looking for bar work that pays £9p/h? Those jobs will be there. All other jobs and opportunities will be on the opportunities tab and you can apply to these too.

How do I search for jobs?2020-05-06T14:25:31+01:00

You can’t actually search for jobs on Placed. We’ll do this for you. Create a strong profile by entering your experience, skills, likes and needs, and we’ll do the rest.

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Service industry jobs at your fingertips

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