About Us

On a mission to change the future of recruitment, today.

We’re a team of young, driven and passionate hospitality professionals and software developers who joined forces to solve a huge problem.

The idea came from years working in hospitality. The support came from a chunky black book of contacts in the industry who’ve helped pave what Placed is and where we’ve come today. The product came from long nights, trial, tribulation, coding, coffee and commitment. The execution came from insight, ambition, hard work and minimal sleep. The result translates to happy customers who recognise that we recognise what it is they really want. And as for the the future? It’s still early days but let’s just say we’re carving out a name and we’re here to stay!

Working out of the TrueStart accelerator hub and backed by some of the industries biggest leaders, we are on a daily hunt to acquire the best jobseekers on our platform and to host and promote the best jobs. We're hell-bent on making our product the best for what our customers need and ultimately perfecting an effective solution to an ongoing problem.