5 reasons why you should work for Hoxton and their new opening in Southwark.

Thu 07 2019  |  Adaya


We went to The Hoxton in Holborn – a successful hotel, bar and restaurant that is part of an international group. We were meant to be there for an hour, we stayed for three. It’s that kind of place, once you’re in, you’ll want to stick around a bit longer. Luckily, The Hoxton and their ever expanding hospitality empire have got a new venue opening in Southwark.

Here’s why we think you should go for it and if you don’t, we might be tempted to. 


1 – They have a hotel everywhere from LA to Amsterdam  

The Southwark venue has many talents.  As well as a hotel, they also have a co-working space, two restaurants and three bars – meaning there’s a bunch of things they need help with. And the good thing about belonging to an international hospitality group like The Hoxton is that the opportunities don’t stop there. Here’s what Southwark’s General Manager had to say: “Come and do a year at Southwark, then why not go to LA or Chicago, Amsterdam or Paris. There are huge opportunities for growth.”


2 – Well respected experience

What comes with working for a large and well established brand like The Hoxton is that it can be a great way to add some well recognised and respected experience to your CV. Whether you’re just starting out or already well established in the industry, it’s a name on your CV that can definitely give you additional credibility. 


3 – Training

One of the biggest selling points is their approach to training. They hire people from all over and for some positions all they ask for is a good attitude, a hunger to learn and a little curiosity. When Placed spoke to their Head of Bars he said that to be a part of his team you need only, “Be curious, be energetic, have a good personality and if you don’t know the basics we can teach you, don’t you worry about that.”


4 – Nothing but the best

When it comes to equipment and working spaces, The Hoxton make sure that they always have the best. Whether it’s the hotel, the bar or the kitchen, you will always have what you need. Just listen to their Head Chef of the downstairs restaurant: “It’s great, our kit has not been skimped on so we have every toy and gadget imaginable to do the best menu and the best job we can do on a daily basis. We’re playing around with a new induction kit but we have got a Robata grill so we can still make some sexy fish and meat dishes over the fire.”


5 – FUN

When we spoke to the team at The Hoxton the one word we kept hearing, was (you guessed it) fun. And with great culture, a great social community and a beautiful place to work, what more can you ask for?

Convinced? Yeah, us too. Check out the openings, or see what else we have cooking on the Placed app