Venue of the Month : Crussh

Tue 05 2019  |  Adaya

Crussh’s mission statement is “to improve the wellbeing of our teams and customers”.


For the customers this means wheatgrass shots, raw juices, copious amounts of ginger and trying to find the right balance between healthy and appetising.


For their team this means bi-monthly drinks, in house promotions, comprehensive training schemes and access to a helpline that can “help with anything life throws at you”.


Healthy is when you improve your insides and wait for that to manifest on the outside. With Crussh’s team focussed approach this seems to also be a key ingredient to a successful company (Crussh has recently opened their 34th site in London).


At Placed we match our candidates with jobs that suit them. We do not see ourselves as middle men, we are matchmakers. We do so, so that people stay in jobs longer and for the right reasons.


When we spoke to the recruitment and training manager for Crussh, we found out that she’s worked there for 9 years. Started off as a team member, and still loves going in to work. .

And that’s why Crussh is our Venue of the month .

Check out their instagram for healthy food and good vibes.