In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, it seems like the hospitality industry has been put on hold with all restaurants, bars, and pubs being forced to close by the government. But, although things are bleak for this industry there are a number of opportunities out there waiting for those willing to delve outside of hospitality. Though, not that far.  

Supermarkets are struggling to keep up with increased demand. Big recruitment drives are now underway to hire 10’s of thousands of staff- and fast. This is a shortlist of Supermarkets the perfect places to start sending off applications for those in need. 

To apply just simply click on the links and send off an application. We read an article this weekend that said someone “applied to Tescos at 7 pm and was employed by 10 pm” so our advice is to get applying now before they fill up all their vacancies. 

What they say about working there

Iceland: Retail Assistant; Online Picker

Rated in the Sunday Times as one of the top 25 companies to work for in 2019, Iceland is offering jobs for Retail Assistants and Online Pickers across London.
“Great place to be part of a team, good customer service people, a great place to work, very friendly people” Sales Assistant – Eltham
Apply to Iceland jobs here


Lidl: Customer Assistant

Renowned for providing their workers with a good salary, Lidl is offering the opportunity to join them as a Customer Assistant.
“Good hours and good money. Very friendly environment, fast and busy environment for work but enjoyable I personally higher recommend.” Tralee, Customer assistant
Apply to Lidl jobs here


Tesco: Customer Assistant

Good supermarket. Friendly staff, friendly customers, with flexible jobs and working hours. I got a job near my home the pay was good, I enjoyed the staff discount and was offered a few extra shifts to pick up” Retail Assistant
Apply to Tesco jobs here


Asda: Store Assistant

Known for competitive salaries, Asda gives the option of choosing whether to be a Store Assistant by day or by night. Variety is the name of this game and you could find yourself serving customers, perfecting pizzas, unpacking deliveries or filling shelves.
“It was good for the short time I was there, all the staff were very encouraging and supportive, and keen for me to try every part of the business . would good back for sure” Customer Assistant
Apply to Asda jobs here


Holland & Barrett: Store Colleague

If health and wellbeing are important to you why not try Holland & Barrett?
“I was happy to work in Holland &Barrett and be able to learn more about health, wellness, and diet supplements. My working hours were flexible. I would recommend the job to my friends” Sales Assistant
Apply to Holland & Barrett jobs here


Morrisons: Customer Assistant

One of the first companies to announce a recruitment drive after the Covid- 19 crisis.
“Interesting and varied. Different and fast-paced. Good management. Good team working. Good benefits and salary. You often get the chance to work in different areas of the store which is fascinating.” Sales Assistant
Apply to Morrisons jobs here



Co-op, the shop that has been around for decades and always preaches community values. Also just recently pledged to hire some of the hospitality staff that has recently lost their jobs.
“Worked here for 7 years and fully enjoyed the job. Job benefits are great, with competitive wages and a chance to improve your skills and work up in the job.”
Apply to Co-op jobs here


It might not be that different

This list is far from the full article but is a good start for everyone out there in need of a job. Many of these roles are customer-facing with a lot of overlap to some of the hospitality jobs you all came from. I’m sure they would all love to have you so make sure you check out these links get applying and let us know if you have any success.


Good luck!

Placed’s recruitment app helps people looking for hospitality jobs in London. Given this has been put on hold we want to hear from you, so if you have any questions, stories or just want to reach out please do.