5 Things You Didn’t Know About a Career In Hospitality

Hospitality has changed a lot in recent years, and there are many exciting aspects of it that aren’t typically known about. Here are 5 things you might not have known about a career in the industry.

The world of hospitality is lively and vibrant, and becoming more and more popular amongst young people who are seeking an exciting, sociable and totally unique career.

Jobs within the sector are far from your standard office job, which makes hospitality a great industry for those who aren’t the average nine-to-five type. There are options for those looking for part-time and temporary work, as well as those seeking full-time roles and a meaningful career.

Interestingly, the industry has changed significantly over the last decade, and many of the common stigmas associated with hospitality work no longer apply.

To help curb these misconceptions, we’ve put together five things you might not know about working in hospitality.

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Working hours are often flexible

There is often a belief that hospitality jobs require you to work long hours late into the night.

However, this stigma that you will be stuck working unsociable and endless shifts is not the reality; restaurants like PizzaExpress work hard to be supportive in their flexibility, and make it their value to work around your studies and other commitments.

It’s not only PizzaExpress that offers excellent flexibility, the hospitality industry as a whole works to make it right for the individual.

Such schemes like this are being adopted by so many companies in this sector, allowing you to work the hours that suit you.

“The work-life balance is far better than what it used to be – there’s a maximum amount of hours you can work in the week, you can get evenings and weekends off, you get to see your friends and family and enjoy your social life. You have to have a good balance of work and social life – and that’s just what Greene king has really pushed in the past couple of years.”

– Doug Scougall, Business Development Manager at Greene King Locals

You can work your way up to management, and beyond…

The hospitality industry’s undiscovered appeal is vast, it can also be a very successful and fulfilling long-term career.

There are plenty of opportunities for career progression – many work their way up to management, and are encouraged to take on new responsibilities and earn more by their supervisors. Greene King is a great example of a company that actively encourages

“The bosses I had empowered me to do and learn. I met great people who allowed me to progress and made me want to progress.”

Luis Bernardo, General Manager at the Crown and Horseshoes.

With hard work and a willingness to improve you will progress with ease. facing new exciting challenges which make it a varied and unique career.

You can earn as much as a doctor

Lots of people perhaps don’t view this industry as one with high earnings, yet they are very much mistaken. Salaries for entry level positions are increasing more and more these days, and at management level, the pay is plenty above average, plus with the bonuses you can be earning just as much as a doctor or a teacher.

It is a career where if you reach your goals and hit your targets, you can earn big.

“The bonus schemes are also crazy; you can really get some crazy bonuses if you are hitting your numbers. The targets are hard, but if you consistently hit them, you can make a lot of money.”

– Luis Bernardo, General Manager at the Crown and Horseshoes.

You can work whilst earning qualifications

You might not know that, whilst earning, you can gain valuable qualifications through the apprenticeship schemes. For example, Beki Galvin who with PizzaExpress’ help and support, gained Hospitality Manager-Food and Beverage Manager Level 4.

“PizzaExpress gives you the ability to undertake these qualifications. If you’re a Team Member and interested, you’d inform your manager and they will start the process. There are also leaflets and posters everywhere so Team Members can read about the courses available to them. The courses are separate to PizzaExpress, so you will be classed as an apprentice whilst undertaking them.”

Often for free, you are considered an apprentice and can work whilst studying to progress your career even further. A Level 2 apprentice would train you in roles like Commis Chefs and Team members and as you progress to Level 4 (which is equivalent to a foundation degree), you will become qualified to be a manager.

It is a career where you can become a highly respected manager with no prior experience or degree, you can learn it all along the way, whilst getting paid!

The skills you learn will set you up for life

If you’re a student, working in hospitality can give you a variety of soft and hard skills that will set you up for success in all future ventures.

You’ll learn skills that are desirable across all sectors; from improving your communication and social skills to thinking on your feet and resilience. It’s these impressive skills that will make you stand out from the crowd. Plus, in interviews, you can elaborate on these skills that employers love!

For example, the calm composure and problem-solving skills learnt working in hospitality is easily transferable to careers like cookery, performing, nursing, and customer service.

So, if you’re feeling a sudden career change…hospitality has you covered!