What types of jobs can I do in a pub

Why Working in a Pub is Good

When it comes to looking for a job, there are plenty of options to consider. Even with no prior experience, you could work in a shop, in manufacturing, be a care assistant or work in a kitchen or behind a bar.

Every job has benefits and can be a great start to your career but there are some things about working in a pub which make it a really good place to start–and who knows, you might enjoy it so much that you stick around.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things about working in a pub…

👉You can work flexible hours
👉You don’t need experience to work in a pub
👉The buzz of being part of a team

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You can work flexible hours

If you haven’t decided what career you want to pursue, you’re taking a career break or you’re studying, working in a pub is the perfect job to keep the money coming in while you have time to concentrate on other things in your life.

You can choose to work part time with a regular shift pattern which works around your studies or other commitments, and take on extra shifts when time allows or you need the extra cash. There will always be busy times when the manager needs all hands to the pump–whether that’s during the World Cup or at Christmas–so additional shifts won’t be hard to come by.

And, the best thing about flexibility is that if you have something else that you need to do–an exam or an assignment for example–there’ll be someone who’ll be happy to swap shifts with you as long as you do the same for them further down the line.

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You don’t need experience to work in a pub

If you’re looking for a job you can start straight away, working in a pub is ideal. If you head into your local and ask behind the bar, you might find yourself doing a trial shift before you know it. Although there is a lot of knowledge and skills you’ll pick up along the way, you can start a job in a pub with no prior experience and very little knowledge of the products. You’ll learn this soon enough and your colleagues can show you how to use the till, how the ordering system works and talk you through the drinks and dishes on offer.

Succeeding in a pub role is more about your attitude and personality than it is skills and experience. As long as you’re outgoing and happy to chat with customers, the pub manager will probably be willing to take a chance on you. There are quite a lot of different aspects to working in a pub but if you listen and learn from those around you and spend some time familiarising yourself with the products on sale and you’ll soon be up to speed.

Although you may start with very little knowledge, you’ll pick up so much along the way. Not only enough knowledge on wines and craft beers to make you look like an expert in front of your friends on a night out, but skills that will make you attractive to future employers and can help you in life in general, everything from communication to time management and resilience.

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Working as part of a team

So, you can get a job in a pub with no experience and take on shifts to fit around the rest of your life—but neither of these are what’s best about working in a pub.

What really does it for so many pub workers is being a part of a team and developing friendships that might last a lifetime. If you enjoy the company of those around you then you’re basically spending your time in a fun pub environment surrounded by people you like–and getting paid for it.

Busy shifts can be hard work but you’ll find that it’s when your backs are against the wall that you’ll really bond as a team. Helping each other out to get through the shift and keep serving customers when the heat is on creates such a buzz that it will last long after the last drink is served.

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