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Is it Fun Working in a Pub?

For most of us, visiting a pub is a fun way to spend our time–that’s why a third of us Brits say we visit a pub at least once a fortnight for food and drinks. It’s a chance to relax, chat with friends and maybe enjoy a tasty meal.

But what is it like to work in a pub? Does that fun element translate to working behind the bar as well as sitting in front of it? Let’s take a look…

👉A pub makes an exciting and fast-paced workplace
👉A pub is a sociable place to work
👉A pub is the heart of a community

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A pub makes an exciting and fast-paced workplace

First and foremost, working in a pub means you’re working in a pub. You’ll find it’s a bustling environment where there’s always something going on and someone new to talk to. Whether you’re based in a thriving city centre pub which fills up with the after-work crowd, or you’re located out in the country and can count on all the tourists flocking in during weekends and holidays, there’s never a dull moment.

Although busy shifts can be hard work, you’ll find they fly by and, if you’re on a shift where things are a bit quieter, you’ll have a chance to catch up on those jobs that get pushed down the list and make the most of the opportunity to catch up with your colleagues.

It’s busy shifts that can help you develop the skills that future employers will look for, from communication skills to the ability to remain calm under pressure and prioritise.

In pretty much every case, people come to the pub to celebrate, to let off steam and to get together. This means there’s a buzzing and happy atmosphere which is infectious for staff as much as other customers.

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A pub is a sociable place to work

From the moment you walk through the door until you leave at the end of your shift, you’ll rarely stop talking if you’re working in a pub. If you’re a sociable person, no other job can offer as much scope for socialising and communication.

Customers will look to you for easy conversation, advice on the drinks or food and to listen to their woes if they’re going through a tough time. Not only is this a great opportunity to have an interesting conversation, there could also be tips in it for you if you make the right impression!

As well as customers, one of the best things about working in a pub is that you’ll be able to chat with your colleagues while you’re working. In the hospitality industry, it’s quite common for colleagues to spend time together outside of work as well as at work because they get on so well. You might well discover that they’re a like minded bunch so you get to hang out with your mates while you’re at work–what could be more fun than that?!

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A pub is the heart of the community

A pub holds a pretty special place in the hearts of its customers. Whatever’s going on in the world, whatever the weather is like outside, a local pub is somewhere everyone can come together and enjoy a drink and some company–and that’s a special thing to be a part of.

Pubs often hold events for the community, whether that’s a weekly quiz night, a gin tasting, karaoke or a singles night. These events can make a fun backdrop to your shift, attracting extra customers and delivering plenty of entertainment for staff as well as punters, plus delivering you all the local gossip first.

If you’re a sports fan, working during one of sports’ biggest events such as the World Cup or the Euros can be a great way to watch the games. Whereas office or retail workers may have to miss the matches–particularly if they fall during an afternoon–not only can you keep up with what’s happening, you can enjoy the special atmosphere that only a crowd of fans watching live sport can create.

And then there’s the C word–Christmas! Pubs get really festive long before the big day itself and are packed out with work dos, family meals and other Christmassy gatherings. Everything you need to get in the Christmas spirit before you can say ‘ho ho ho’!

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