4 Employers Doing Their Bit for the Planet

More and more people are talking about, thinking about and living out sustainability – and for good reason! It’s no secret that the planet is in need of some serious help right now. But what about companies?

We thought we’d shout out 4 environmentally friendly employers hiring on our platform who have shown their commitment to sustainability.


Home to freshly-made, Asian-inspired food, Itsu is also home to increasingly sustainable packaging! One product at a time, Itsu have altered their packaging to become more environmentally friendly, such as moving to sell all gyoza packs in 100% recyclable packaging and replacing their black lids with pink lids to be more detectable at recycling facilities.

Remember back when they had plastic sporks? They’ve now been replaced with totally biodegradable and FSC certified wooden cutlery, which replaces 30 tonnes of plastic a year!

Itsu also source all of the cocoa in their rice cakes from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, meaning it’s grown using more sustainable farming practices.

And if you want to try a vegan dish at Itsu, that’s 40% of their range! Including their meatless meatballs plant-based rice bowl… yummy!

Café Rouge

The fishing industry isn’t exactly well-known for sustainable practices. Which is why Café Rouge take the sourcing of their seafood very seriously, and are rated a top highstreet restaurant for seafood sustainability by Fish2Fork Guide.

Café Rouge also ensure that all their eggs are free-range, adhering to the ‘Five Freedoms’ laid out by the Farm Animal Welfare Committee. They aim for 100% of eggs used in their secondary ingredients to be free-range by 2022.

On top, their work with lobbying organisation Compassion in World Farming ensures that they openly maintain high standards of animal welfare in their food sourcing!

Café Rouge is part of The Big Table Group, who promise to work with other third-party organisations to continually improve their environmental impact.

Las Iguanas

Another member of The Big Table Group is Latin American restaurant Las Iguanas, who also purchase all eggs to free-range standard!

Las Iguanas have been awarded a Three Blue Fish Fish2Fork rating for sustainable sourcing, as all suppliers must source fish products from sustainable fisheries only.

Because sustainability is a vital ingredient to good seafood!

Plus, no red-rated endangered fish species are to be used in any Las Iguanas dishes. And neither is any palm oil that contributes to deforestation – all palm oil used is certified sustainable.


When it comes to contributing to a better world, Co-op is one of the kings. Being the first UK supermarket to sell Fairtrade products, Co-op has always led the way on some of the issues that matter most!

Environmental protection is ingrained in Fairtrade, so sourcing Fairtrade products helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect biodiversity. In the interest of the planet and the interest of the farmers!

Speaking of carbon footprint, in 2019, Co-op committed to reducing direct emissions by 50% and product emissions by 11% by 2025. They became the first UK retailer to commit to the UN’s pledge to be Net-Zero by 2050. Talk about ahead of the curve!

2020 marked the third year of Co-op’s collaboration with Chester Zoo, restoring rainforest where there were once palm oil plantations.

Down a similar lane to Itsu, Co-op removed all dark and black plastic from their own packaging for better detection by recycling facilities. Their plastic bags are fully compostable. And for you tea-lovers out there, so are their own-brand tea bags!

For their Future of Food 2030 ambition, Co-op promise to remove all single-use plastics in their own packaging by 2023. We believe they’ll get there!

Working for these brands means knowing that your employer is contributing to an environmentally better world. And we think that’s something worth sharing!

If you’re interested, check out their brands pages for any available roles in your area!