5 Reasons to Join the Service Sector Now

There’s never been a better time to join the Service industry. With flexible hours, and amazing benefits, the sector has changed drastically over the years – the roles and career paths are endless.

The service sector doesn’t have the best reputation as a place to work. Long shifts, low pay, dead-end jobs – ring any bells?

But since we specialise in this sector and are connected with some fantastic brands, we know better! And we want you to know better too! Times have changed and the sector is not what it used to be. Infact, it’s a really dynamic and exciting work environment that can be flexible to suit your lifestyle, and right now it really is better than ever!

Whether you’re looking for a short-term gig, to explore your options or build a real career, there are plenty of benefits and opportunities that come with securing a job in the service sector. So we thought we’d collate some of them for you.

1. The skills you build are very transferable

Applying yourself to a job in service will teach you communication, interpersonal and self-management skills which are necessary in any job. How to talk to customers or colleagues; to work independently or in a team; to pay attention to detail and how processes run effectively. Depending on where you are, you can even get exposure to how the business operates!

These are the kinds of things that can only be taught through experience, so try getting stuck in and seeing for yourself!

If you’re curious, here is great piece highlighting 5 transferable skills a bartender has that can be carried to other unique industries.

2. There are a lot of options

There are a surprising range of roles available in service! Back of house may work for you if you don’t want to face customers all the time. Or maybe you’d love a natter with the pub guests! Good at heavy lifting? Logistics has your back. Interested in the latest gadgets? Perhaps you’d feel at home in a tech retail store.

And if there are other things to account for in your life, service can offer you a flexibility most other sectors won’t. From part-time shifts to side-hustles, early mornings to late nights, you can choose a role that allows you to focus on what’s important to you. So you can take care of your loved ones or work on your creative projects!

For an example of the wide range of industries within the sector, check out the huge range of service jobs on Placed App – you might even find ones you never knew existed!

Download the Placed App, set up a profile and start matching with jobs.


3. People will always need the service sector

So long as there are people around, the service sector will be around. Because people are at the heart of what the service sector is all about! It’s part of the reason why many who work in these industries are so warm, open and down-to-earth.

As the UK slowly opens up again, many are eager to get back to the most loved parts of the service sector – their favourite restaurants, pubs, bars and shops! With that, there are a lot of roles becoming available in these industries, particularly hospitality.

Despite taking a hit, the service sector is making a comeback and you could help lead it!

4. Totally different from your conventional 9-5

Can’t stand sitting at a desk all day? Not sure if you can see yourself in an office environment?

If you prefer more hands-on jobs, staying on your feet, working practically in the moment, or interacting with people day-to-day, a job in the service sector could be a great fit for you.

And if not, it’s still a unique opportunity to experience that kind of role while you can before committing to an office job! You’ll come across a variety of interesting people from different backgrounds all with their own stories. You could make friends with people you never thought you would. And…you may like it more than you think!

5. You could build a real career if you wanted

So say you stumbled into the service sector and, like many who end up staying there, you catch the bug for it. What next?

There are so many amazing apprenticeship programmes for those who want to build a career in service. As part of these, you’ll earn industry recognised qualifications, get paid while you’re learning, and have the skills and experience to land a permanent role upon completion.

We’ve released an E-Guide all about these opportunities for school leavers or anyone interested in the service sector! Packed with insights from experts, video testimonials and more. Click here to check it out!