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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Working in Retail at O2

O2 are hiring for Retail Advisors across the UK.  And with so many opportunities live right now, we’re sharing some unique things you might never have known about working for this exciting brand.

The world of Retail is certainly diverse. It’s a sector where you have a wide choice of many different environments to pick from, and endless paths you could go down. One unique brand that really puts your lifestyle and career choices first is O2. Focused on it’s people, O2 is a top name brand who truly cares about its employees.

Think working at an O2 store is just about knowing mobiles? Think again! Along with picking up valuable skills in a fun and supportive environment, there are some real unique perks to the job – here’s just some of them you may never have known before:

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1. Free staff contract with free unlimited calls, texts and data

Been dreaming of getting the newest iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad? As a Retail Advisor at O2,  you have the ability to get a free phone contract with unlimited calls, texts and data – all you have to pay for is the tech itself. So you essentially end up spending a fraction of what you’d normally pay and save yourself some serious money. It’s certainly a unique benefit which you’ll likely not find working anywhere else.

2. Friends and family discount

Spread the perks with your loved ones! Working in Retail at O2, you’ll receive the O2 friends and family discount – meaning up to 10 of your friends or family members can get 50% off their airtime contract, or 30% off their airtime contract if they go sim only. So not only will you be joining a supportive and inclusive team, but you might find yourself quickly becoming popular.

3. Staff discount across stores

And it’s not just all about saving on your phone contract –  as an O2 Retail Advisor you’ll also get 25% off accessories across stores, whether that’s a brand new gadget case, wireless charger, or even fitting out your home with a home pod. Gear yourself up with the latest tech while saving yourself money – all at O2.

4. Career progression

At O2, you’re never stuck at where you came in at – because it’s a company that truly values your career needs. Joining as a Retail Advisor, you have the choice to go in many different career directions – whether that’s up the normal Retail ladder from Advisor to Assistant Store Leader to Leader, or into a Secondment or permanent role  at their Head Office. You’ve even got the chance to transition to a different department if you find yourself interested in other areas such as IT or Marketing, for example. Whatever your path is, O2 will always support you in pursuing it.

5. £500 Referral Bonus

Picture this – you’ve just landed yourself a new exciting O2 Retail job. Well, not only have you just got yourself in the door of a widely known, respected brand, but if you refer a friend to work at O2 and they get the job, you’ll get a £500 referral bonus – some nice little extra money for the month! Bring your friends, bring your family, and you can find yourself making yourself a lot more money, all while working with your nearest and dearest!

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