5 Tips to Acing Your Bupa Interview

Got an interview at Bupa? You’re in the right place. We lay out 5 tips to acing your interview, from Bupa recruitment.

1. Be yourself, it’s who we want to get to know

We welcome everyone from all backgrounds and walks of life and celebrate the unique perspectives and experiences we can all bring to the workplace so let your personality and compassionate nature shine through. We all get nervous during an interview and tend to put on a bit of a face, try not to and relax. 

2. You don’t need to be an expert

If you need to do a role play, it’s not a memory test as you can have all the information you need with you. We don’t expect you to be an expert in health insurance either, at this point most of us had no clue about the ins and outs of a policy! It’s more about how you adapt, engage and communicate with the customers so respond with empathy and compassion. Think, how would you like to be spoken to? 

3. Use the STAR technique

Remember to use the STAR technique when answering any interview questions. It’ll help you frame your example and make it easier for your assessors to understand and pull out the information they need. 

  • Situation (10% of your answer) – Set the context for your example.
  • Task (10% of your answer) – Describe what was required of you.
  • Action (70% of your answer) – Describe and explain what you actually did.
  • Result (10% of your answer) – Explain how well the situation played out.

Think of it like telling a story to someone for the first time. Starting with a beginning setting the scene, then going through what happens to the characters (or in this case you) what they did and finally what happened at the end. Hopefully everyone lived happily ever after!

4. Research our purpose and values

Know your stuff. We don’t expect you to know everything about Bupa, but things such as our purpose or values will set you up in good stead. It shows you’ve made a commitment and done your research into the company before your interview. Try and explain how what you’ve read aligns with your own personal values. Think about why that makes you want to work here as opposed to “Bupa’s well known” – everyone knows the name but we’re much more than that.

5. Reflect on this list of competencies

At Bupa, we use a competency framework during your interview to assess you against the skills needed for the role. Put simply, it’s what we look for in a Bupa colleague. Each part of your interview will assess these competencies, values or skills in one way or another so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re familiar with them before going in. Try and have some examples in the back of your mind or on a notepad of what the below competencies mean to you and when you might have demonstrated them. 

  • Culture and Values: This is about what you know about Bupa our culture and values.
  • Ownership and Performance:  This is about how you take responsibility for managing your performance at work.
  • Development and Capability: This is about how you take opportunities to learn new skills and develop yourself.
  • Risk and Compliance: This is about following the rules that we have as a company to keep our customers personal information safe and work within regulations.