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6 Hot Brands You Need to Work for in 2022

We hope 2022 is off to a strong start for you guys. And if not, here’s the little boost you may need! The new year hype is still fresh, not just for you jobseekers out there, but also for employers! January and February are the hottest months of the year for recruitment, when hiring managers have just unlocked their budgets for the year.

With that, here are 5 brands that are well-managed workplaces, are keen to recruit, have lots of roles available across the UK (including Scotland, Wales and Ireland) and could hire you by Valentine’s Day!

1. Sky

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Sky! Who have just joined Placed with a whole range of roles!

Did you know that Sky started off as a London start-up in the 80s? Now they’re Europe’s largest media, entertainment and communications network, meaning there’s plenty of ways for your career to sky-rocket here!

Sky employs 32,000 employees and are committed to diversity and inclusion. (Not to mention the crucial aspect of free Sky Q…)

Read 3 key reasons to join Sky right now.

Interested? We thought so!



Don’t forget to check out their culture and what their current employees have to say by searching #LifeAtSky!

2. Marston’s (and others!)

Marston’s bring people together across the country in your favourite pubs, cocktail bars, restaurants and inns.

Why now? Well, Marston’s is going through a lot of change and transformation under the leadership of a new CEO! You can expect a clear culture and set of values to help you decide if they are for you.

On top of that, they have an ambitious plan to refresh and update their pubs, and invest in their people’s training and careers.

Marston’s is its own name, but do you know who else is part of Marston’s? Pitcher & Piano, Foundry Project, Lost & Found and Revere Pub Company. In case you wanted a little choice!

See their roles here:


Pitcher & Piano

Foundry Project

Lost & Found

Revere Pub Company

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3. Paddy Power

If you’re looking for the weird, the wacky, the fun and the downright hilarious… you couldn’t find better than Paddy Power!

Interests you might have prior to working here are sports or betting, but trust us, it’s not a necessity to know much about either. What’s more important is that you enjoy talking to people and you’re willing to learn what a ‘corner’ in football is along the way.

Some days it might be quiet, with only the regulars. Other days, the store is bright and buzzing!

And you can definitely expect some, err, interesting activities taking place around events such as the Grand Nationals (strange costumes and props may or may not be involved.)

Paddy Power are committed to their people, including being understanding of mental health, offering secondment opportunities and their in-this-together team culture.

Read 5 more things you didn’t know about Paddy Power or hear straight from the people who work there!


5. O2

Helping people get the most out of their tech in over 450 stores across the UK – that’s what O2 is about!

Learn more about what it’s like working at O2.

O2 pride themselves on doing retail differently. That’s why you’ll always feel helped out after leaving an O2 store. And on the other side of that is someone who combines their skills to give useful information whilst bringing life to the experience.

Sound like your style?

You can expect fantastic induction and training when you start at O2, as well as career progression, great people policies and their BeBrilliant recognition scheme! It celebrates teamwork, top performance and gives you the pick of the prize – from holidays to gifts and gadgets.

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5. Greene King

With several divisions of pubs (and different segments within some of those divisions) you’re spoilt for choice with jobs at Greene King!

Pouring Happiness is what Greene King does best, whether that’s a pint or cocktail, with a meal or on its own, while the football is on or the goss is being spilt. You could be a part of bringing people together for life’s sweetest moments.

Not to mention the vast number of GK pubs on the Placed app – you’re bound to find a role near you, from starter to mid-level to senior positions!

There’s always the option to make a career for yourself. Many former starters and apprentices have worked their way up to management roles and even higher.

Find a job with Greene King near you by entering your postcode or type in a pub name.

8. Elder

Have you got experience in the Care sector?

If so, you could make such a meaningful difference in people’s lives with Elder.

97% of people say they don’t want to end up in a care home, and that’s where Elder’s live-in carers come in to provide an alternative. So that elderly people across the country can have access to 24/7 care without sacrificing their independence.

It’s truly life-changing work!


Read more about what it’s like to be a Carer at Elder.

On top of the emotional fulfillment, you could earn up to £865 per week, with your travel costs covered and the flexibility between placements to take extended periods of time off! (Plus placement bonuses and double pay on bank holidays.)


And just for an extra gift, we’re shouting out some other great brands and venues you can apply for today: Aqua Kyoto, Belushi’s Bars, Ask Italian, Sage and Bone Daddies Group. Hiring right now on the Placed App!