A Day in the Life of a Care Home Manager

We grabbed a quick virtual coffee with Care Home Manager Nilannie to find out about her route into the care industry and what a typical day looks like at Jasmine Court. 

Nilannie’s career journey

Nilannie is the registered manager of Jasmine Court care and nursing home in Loughborough. Jasmine court is home to 66 residents and has a large team of care and nursing staff. Nilannie is responsible for the running of the home, the wellbeing of residents and the management of staff.

Before working in the UK, Nilannie worked as an endoscopy nurse in the Philippines. An overseas nursing programme supported her to transfer her nursing registration, along with her work experience and skills, to the UK.

Since starting in residential care in 2003, Nilannie has completed a series of training and development programmes that have enabled her to progress into increasingly senior roles. In 2015, Nilannie completed a Leadership and Management degree and progressed into her current role as a registered manager.

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Day in the life of a registered manager

The challenging role of a registered manager differs everyday as it is the manager’s responsibility to address problems and emergency situations whenever they happen. It is vital, therefore, that managers such as Nilannie are able to work flexibly and manage their time effectively.

Nilannie’s role involves a mixture of administrative tasks, such as completing reports of accidents and emergencies, supervision duties and direct care work. Registered managers are required to spend a good proportion of time completing reports for senior management and inspections from outside organisations. Nilannie is also responsible for regularly meeting with individual staff members to support them with their professional development and wellbeing.

Nilannie spends a lot of her time visiting different parts of the home to catch up with residents and the staff team. In addition, Nilannie continues to put herself the on nursing rota and occasionally completes night shifts when required at the weekends.

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