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Explore the Unique Pubs of Greene King!

An intro into the life, soul and character of the divisions that make up Greene King Pubs.

Ah, the great British pub. A place we all hold close to our hearts. It’s where you reunite with your old friends after years apart, it’s where you unwind with your colleagues after a long, stressful week. It’s where the best memories are made and treasured.

But have you ever thought about working in one?

If you think working in a pub is simply pulling pints, you’d be wrong. Within the pub sector, you’ll find so many talented individuals who are creative and driven, with a real passion for working in the trade. There’s a wider scope of jobs in the industry than you might think. Ranging from bar staff, to pub chefs, managers and waiters, the choices are vast, and with almost 600,000 people working in UK pubs, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone interested in working in a pub.

And Greene King is a prime example of a pub chain that really knows how to do opportunity right. It’s not just about pouring drinks here; Greene King is a place where you can really build a career.

Here are some of the divisions that make up the wonderful character of Greene King:

Greene King Local Pubs

Packed full of personality, Greene King Locals all hold their own unique charm with a different story to tell. Focused on bringing communities together, they’re cozy little gems and your go-to place to bring your friends and family for a fun evening.

With just over 700 pubs across the UK, Local Pubs are famed for being the heart and social hub of the community as there is always something going on with regular quiz nights, themed parties, family fun days, live music and much more. If you’re looking for a high-energy, upbeat atmosphere, head to your nearby Greene King Local!

To learn more about Locals, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest jobs in your area, you can give them a follow on the Placed app here.

For now, here’s a couple pics from our trip to the delightful Crown & Horseshoes in Enfield, where we chatted to General Manager, Luis Bernardo. You can read all about our journey here!

Crown & Horseshoes, Enfield

Luis Bernardo, General Manager at Crown & Horseshoes

Destination Food Brands

Each of the brands within Destination Food has its own distinctive personality, whether that’s creating a perfectly relaxed and cosy vibe in a country-style setting, like the Chef & Brewer Collection of pubs, to a more dynamic vibe at Hungry Horse where Wine Wednesdays is a thing, to a more family orientated setting where there’s no shame in ordering a carvery every day of the week!

One thing’s for certain though, these pubs definitely don’t skimp on their food. Feeling hungry? Find your local Pub & Grill for a 32oz tomahawk steak… or perhaps Farmhouse Inns for their famous tall and tiered cakes!

Regardless of your choice, Destination Food Brands embraces people from all different backgrounds as it’s your personality and desire to succeed that stands out to them. If you think you have natural confidence, love food, and inject energy and passion into everything you do, then exploring the pubs under these brands would be the best option for you.

For ease, here’s a run down of the brands in this division. Don’t forget to give them a follow to keep informed of their latest jobs:

And if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s some of the many pooches of Destination Food Brands you’ll find at their pubs. Great grub, great dogs. What’s not to love really? More pooches to come soon on our socials – eyes peeled! 👀

Monkey, Moo, Buddy & Harvey at The Feathers

Dexter & Lola at The Homestead

Rolly at Ferry Inn

Premium & Urban

The Premium and Urban Pubs division includes a smorgasbord of different pubs, all thriving on innovation and providing new experiences for their guests. They embody the Great British Pub and the true spirit of a city centre hub which their teams are passionate and enthusiastic about.

These pubs are the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a truly unique drinking vibe, with great energy and fun, passionate staff. FYI, they’re a specially great place to be for watching the next game… Just see for yourself!

If you’re someone who never takes themselves too seriously, revels in meeting new people and is looking for a fun, energetic workplace, then a job  within the Premium and Urban division could be the most suitable for you.

Learn more about the pubs in this division and apply to their latest roles by giving Premium & Urban pubs a follow here!

But first, here’s a few snaps of some of the lively teams you could be working with in this division!

Metropolitan Pub Co.

Metropolitan Pub Company (or MPCo. for short) is a collection of over 60 premium, independent-feeling pubs in and around London (typically large traditional pubs with plenty of outdoor space for gardens and terraces), each with their own distinctive character and charm. A warm and welcoming atmosphere, these pubs strive to provide a home away from home for their guests. 

If you’re looking for great drinks and even greater food, you’ll want to head to your local Metro Pub Co. pub as many of the venues under this division are well-known for their great quality, fresh ingredients!

Whilst they are a part of Greene King, MPCo. is proud to say they have a unique way of doing things here so if you’re someone who never accepts the status quo and loves to push boundaries to drive innovation and have new experiences then you’d be perfect for this division. Just take a look at the warm and quirky pub, The Alexandra, in Clapham!

The Alexandra, Clapham

The World’s End, Finsbury Park

Loch Fyne

Seafood lovers out there, this one’s for you. You absolutely have to check out Loch Fyne Seafood & Grill restaurants. Part of Greene King, Loch Fyne venues are relaxed dining and drinking environments focused on excellent food, serving only the finest fish and meat. All fresh and sustainably sourced too! 

Loch Fyne, The City