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How to Ace Your Interview at WED2B

Tips to fly through your interview, from WED2B.

If you have an interview for a role at WED2B, then congratulations! You are one step closer to a becoming a Bridal Specialist. To help you get the job, we have shared some helpful tips to show you how to prepare for an interview with us..


Although we do not expect you to know everything about the industry, it always pays you to do some research before your interview. Spend some time researching about WED2B on our website, social media channels and our Placed profile to get a better understanding of our products and the service we offer. Wedding dresses are not the only items we sell!

Find a key aspect of WED2B that you can drop into conversation to show you really know who we are – for example, if you have seen a new dress launch recently, keep a mental note! If you are a fan of the product, remember to tell the interviewer!

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Think about how your previous experience can be utilised in WED2B. Make a list of all your skills that you think will be used to succeed in the role. With the list, write down the times when you have successfully demonstrated that skill, so that you have lots of examples of good work to hand. For example, where you have achieved/exceeded KPI’s or when you have gone above and beyond for a colleague or customer.

You will be asked if you have any questions at the end of an interview. ALWAYS prepare for this! Often your questions about the role will be answered during the discussion of the interview, but you should have some general questions prepared anyway. Interviews are a two-way process and a good opportunity to get a few questions of your own answered, so you know it is the right role for you!

Interview Techniques

You are likely to be asked lots of questions that start with “Tell me about a time when…” – these are competency-based questions, and they are designed to draw upon ACTUAL experience.

 Listen to the question being asked and draw upon the examples you have previously prepared.

 STAR Technique:

  •  Situation – which company were you working for?
  •  Task – what was the task/problem/issue?
  •  Action – what did YOU do to address the task?
  •  Result – what was the outcome/benefit of your actions?

Remember to answer questions with “I” rather than “We”. The recruiter wants to understand the value YOU added, not other people you worked with!