5 Values to look for in an employer

5 Values To Look For In An Employer


Before you jump into your next job, remember that a great position goes way beyond the job description. We’ve put together five values you may want to look out for to be certain your next job is right for you!

When applying for jobs, it can often feel like the pressure is all on you. Interviews, application forms, waiting for a response… It’s a lot to take on. But remember, job-seeking should be a two way street. As much as the employer wants to figure out whether you’re a good fit for them, you should be considering whether they’re a good fit for you.


Whether you’re looking for a short-term gig, a part-time side hustle, or the stepping stones to a long career, the job you take on will play some part in the quality of your life. So it’s important to pick an employer that you feel happy and aligned with. Thankfully, we’re here to make your choice a little easier – here are five key values to keep an eye out for in an employer when job-seeking!

Opportunity for career progression

A company that encourages internal progression is often one that values its employees – one that gives their staff the motivation and opportunity to earn more and take on more responsibility. Even if you’re not looking to progress in the job you’re seeking, a company that provides the opportunity for this will often support you in your growth and invest in you as an employee, giving you a chance to learn and explore.


A good way to look out for strong career progression is through speaking to, or researching current employees. Are there any who have worked their way up from entry level positions? How long have most of the staff worked there? When staff stay at a workplace for a long time and have progressed, it’s a good sign the company is dedicated to supporting their employees and helping them grow.

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Good cultural fit

If you are finding it difficult to hone in on some potential roles or industries, first consider your skills. This is key! Before jumping into any job, make sure you’ve spent a good amount of time sussing out the company’s reputation and culture. Both of these can be found on the company’s website if they have one, social media, online presence, and through speaking to the employer and any staff. A good culture is one that aligns with what you enjoy and feel confident in, therefore it’s different for everyone. So consider the things that are important to you, and look out for these specifically.


Another way to get a better understanding of a company’s culture is to consider the interview as a two way conversation. Come prepared with questions that will help you figure out what culture matters to you. For example, if a sociable, teamwork focused environment is important for you, you could ask ‘Will I be working closely within a team or independently?’. Or, if you’re keen to join a young team, say with other students for instance, you could ask the employer to tell you a little bit about the demographic of the team.

Investment in employees

Finding a company that treats its employees well can sadly be a challenge in and of itself. Thankfully, companies are increasingly adopting more forward-thinking ways of operating and you’ll find many who do their best to create a truly employee-focused environment.

Check out their benefits listed in the job description, or extra amenities offered, such as gym memberships and wellness programs, free lunch on shift, and company organised activities outside of working hours. A good company will offer their employees more than just a salary, and will put in effort to create a positive and comfortable working environment.

Good communication


It’s easy to get excited over the first job that comes your way, and of course you should – it’s a great achievement when opportunity comes knocking! However, it’s important to be confident in your job choice before diving in. Even if you’re simply looking for casual work, a job that you don’t enjoy will wear thin quicker than you might expect, and then you’ll end up having to start a job search all over again.

So, ensure you’ve followed the steps above and taken some time to do your research. Pick a couple job ideas and look online for what current or past employees say about their work. If you know anyone in the industry, speak to them first to get a feel of what they love most about their work and see if it resonates with you.

And importantly, if an offer comes your way, research the company first! You can find out a lot about a company’s culture on their website or social media pages. On the Placed app, you can even browse and follow brands to see testimonials, images and videos and even take quizzes to learn more on whether it’s a good fit for you.

Good work-life balance

It’s fair to say most people want to be able to balance their work life and personal life. While a job may seem appealing on paper, the enjoyment of the role may wear thin if you’re always working late hours and are unable to spend time on your hobbies, family or friends. A good employer will not expect you to always work long hours at the expense of your family life.

During interviews, ask about what your weekly work schedule might look like. You also can check online surveys regarding employer job satisfaction, which are often featured on job-search and career websites.

The Placed app is a great tool to find out more on this – simply check out an employer’s brand page to read testimonials and browse content to really get a feel for the culture of the company you’re interested in.

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