9 benefits of working at ULG's neighbourhood bars

9 benefits of working at ULG’s neighbourhood bars! 🤩🍻🖼️

Who are ULG?  I hear you ask.  And why are their benefits so friggin’ amazing?!  That one we might have asked for you but it’s a good question.

ULG is a collective of 8 laid-back, stylish neighbourhood bars across London – Coin Laundry, Heist Bank and Bobby Fitzpatrick to name a few. Contemporary artwork from up-and-coming to established illustrators, photographers and painters line their walls. They keep it sustainable and are proud to source locally from the best breweries, distilleries, fishermen and farmers in Britain. 🌍

Basically, ULG means great social environments serving great food and drink… And it’s a great place to work!

But you know what else is great? The GIANT benefits package that all employees get, whether you’ve just joined or you’ve been there for 5 whole years.

Here are the 9 best benefits you get working with ULG!

1️⃣Joining bonus, referral bonus and paid overtime 💰

Just for joining the family, you get a £100 bonus. Refer a friend to the company and you get an additional £1000.

Not to mention that you’re paid for overtime (as you should be), and have access to your wages pre-payday through WageSteam should you ever need an extra kick mid-month.

2️⃣Supplier visits and masterclasses 🍺🍷🍖

Think breweries, butchery, wineries and farms. Level up your knowledge and skills by learning from experts, doing tastings and trying new things!

Nothing brings the world of food and beverage to life quite like experiencing the journey from source to plate (or glass).

3️⃣Mental wellbeing support with Hospitality Action & Mental Health First Aiders 🧘‍♀️

A Mental Health First Aider is someone within the company who is trained to identify and help someone who may being experiencing mental health issues. Though not trained therapists, Mental Health First Aiders at ULG (or anywhere) will never judge and are able to suggest steps forward if you’re struggling. They can also signpost you to other services.

And if you do want to therapy or other professional support, all ULG employees are signed up to Hospitality Action’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This includes counselling, financial and legal advice, helplines, parenting advice, a whistleblowing service and more.

4️⃣Funded apprenticeships and tailored training 🚀

Taking your career to the next stage is easy with ULG. They offer you fully funded apprenticeships in Leadership & Management, as well as personalised training at every step of your career.

This includes WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust), personal licence, first aid training ⛑️ and more.

Whether you work in the kitchen or front-of-house, there’s plenty of opportunities
with ULG to move up, learn new skills or even sidestep if you’re looking for a change.

There are plenty of hospitality roles just waiting for you on our app.📲

Why not register today👇


5️⃣Nursery benefits scheme 👶

Being a parent is both a joy and expensive! So for those with little ones, ULG offers a workplace nursery benefits scheme which allows parents to save on tax and national insurance for nursery fees. This could add up to savings of up to thousands each year!

6️⃣Cycle to work scheme 🚴‍♀️

And if you’re up for a more sustainable, money-saving and healthier way of getting to work, there’s the Cycle to Work scheme. You get a bike plus accessories at a major discount. And pay nothing upfront – the cost is taken from your salary by your employer over time, so you don’t even have to think about it (while you feel the wind on your face from the seat of your new bike!)

7️⃣Discounts, perks and more discounts! 🎁

Money off your next night out with friends might not be the main reason you stay for a job, but it certainly doesn’t hurt! With ULG, you get of course 35% discount at all ULG venues for you and up to 2 guests. But you’re also gifted a £75 birthday tab for you and friend within 2 weeks of your special day (so that’s across a month!) 🎂

Plus the CODE app membership 📱 which gets you loads of discounts at other restaurants, bars, hotels and even gyms.

8️⃣Charity initiatives 💛

With ULG you’ll get the chance to take part in a number of charity opportunities. Such as Age UK (who supports and cares for older people both physically and emotionally); and The Felix Project (delivers fresh food that cannot be sold and to charities and schools).

9️⃣Creative, diverse and inclusive culture 🎉

It goes without saying that companies should create inclusive, diverse internal cultures for their employees. But we just wanted to shout out how well ULG does this! It’s a fantastic work environment for anyone looking to get into hospitality. And you’ll have fun with the friends you’re bound to make at the yearly summer and Christmas parties!

So if you’re curious about exploring a great opportunity, be sure to check out available jobs and more at ULG’s employer page! 🌟