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Why hiring through a recruitment app will revolutionise your candidate search 🚀

Born between 1996 and 2010, Gen Z is the largest wave of candidates soon to be taking over the workforce. They’ll make up 30% by 2025. With 96% owning a smartphone, the future of recruitment now lies in the hands of the mobile app. 📱

Recruitment companies who have hopped onto this future include Otta with their mobile-friendly site, and mobile apps Debut and Huzzle connecting grads with entry-level office jobs.

Hiring through endlessly boring job boards will become a distant memory. Especially as 61% of candidates apply to jobs from their mobile. Using an interactive app like Placed makes applying to roles a single-tap process, so job apps see a 70% view-to-apply rate compared to 10-15% on job boards! (Placed)

Here are 5 reasons why you should recruit through a job search app:

1️⃣Saves you time

Instead of sifting through hundreds of candidate emails and CV attachments, save and utilise your precious time. Let the job app do the heavy lifting and filter your candidates for you.
With apps like Placed using clever AI technology, candidates are matched to you based on shared values, availability and job title. So you can head-hunt the top candidates perfectly suited to you and reach out to them. Likewise, matched candidates and applicants for a job post can be shortlisted and whittled down, leaving you with only the best candidates.

2️⃣ In-app communication

Say goodbye to the days of forgotten emails or those forever lost in spam. With job apps, you can directly message candidates in seconds.
Did you know that 76% of candidates that don’t hear back within 3 days of applying disengage with the process? (Placed) Not to worry – it’s easy to stay on top of the ball with a job app as all your applications are in one place.
Using the personalised message template, you can reply to candidates in a button-tap. Not only that but, with Placed, you have the added feature of scheduling interviews in-app. As a result of such speedy communication, companies using Placed hire the right candidates 3x quicker than when using competitor job boards (Placed).


Never miss out on a top candidate again! Placed alerts you of new messages, applications and accepted interviews – while alerting candidates of updates to the status of their application, messages and interview invitations.
With 55% of GenZs spending 5 hours or more on their smartphone everyday, and 31% feeling uncomfortable if they are away from their phone for 30 minutes or less , using an app to recruit means with these notifications you’re sure to have quicker responses and engagement.

Find the staff you need today! Placed’s algorithm matches you with the best talent based on your ideal candidate, and can help you share your brand story.


4️⃣Customise your brand page to attract candidates

Job boards are impersonal, plain, and unrepresentative of the essence of your company. A key feature of the recruitment app Placed is the ability to design your brand page to express your brand identity. You can add pictures, video, testimonials, and key information about why working at your company is enjoyable and beneficial. Your page will bring your values and culture to life.

From there, candidates can explore your brand page and if they like what they see, go on to explore your roles! This is essential to the recruitment process because, with an impressive employer brand, you’ll receive 2x more applications and are 3x more likely to make a quality hire (Placed).

With Gen Z being the largest candidate pool in hospitality, meeting their job-hunting agenda is crucial. With the most important criteria for Gen Z being an alignment with their values (80%), it’s important to create an engaging and progressive brand page on the app. Using a platform like this is an easy way to show off your core company values, attracting more like-minded candidates to apply.

5️⃣More than just matching candidates to the employer

Not only do recruitment apps help you to narrow down the talent pool to the relevant candidates, but there are also added features to keep that relevant candidate engaged in the job-seeking process.

Shockingly, it has been found that the average attention span of a Gen Zer is only 8 seconds! So making their job search fun and exciting is vital. On Placed, candidates interact with brand quizzes, dive into insightful blogs and read application tips, keeping them engaged while increasing candidate quality. These quizzes and blogs can also be tailored around your venue to attract like-minded candidates to your job ads.

Discover the future of recruitment with Placed. Get signed up today and start speaking the language of Gen Z!