How to Hire and Attract Gen Z Candidates

How to attract and hire Gen Z candidates?

The world of work is changing and has been further accelerated by world events, including the pandemic, the Great Resignation and the cost of living crisis, especially for younger jobseekers. As employers, how can we best work with a generation with different expectations and lifestyle requirements?

Who is Generation Z?

Over the years we have given names to different age groups that have significant generational differences. Examples of previous generations include Boomers, who were conceived during the Baby Boom between 1946 and 1964. They were followed by Generation X and Generation Y (or millennials).

Generation Z, shortened to Gen Z, is the name given to the most recent generation, also referred to as Zoomers. It feels appropriate that a generation shaped by the pandemic shares a name with the Zoom app that became necessary during lockdowns. According to a recent UK-focussed report, Gen Z spend a total of 10.6 hours a day engaging with online content, the majority of which is on TikTok and Instagram, compared to 8.5 hours spent by millennials. 

What attracts Gen Z to a job?

As Gen Z is the newest pool of talent, employing this age group can bring fresh ideas and individuals with a hard-working and keen spirit. If your company takes care of its younger employees,  there’s a higher chance they will stay working in your business for longer and
avoid job hopping

So, what does Gen Z expect in a career, and how can we encourage Gen Z to apply? 

Create flexible working patterns

Flexible working is easier said than done within hospitality and other service sectors, but there are steps you can take to show Gen Zs that you care about their work-life balance, and thus also their mental health.
Try releasing the shift rota weeks in advance so employees can plan their lives accordingly, and request changes or days off before it’s too late!

You can also consider shorter shift hours, limiting the frequency of double shifts and ensuring everyone has a lengthy break between shifts if it is a double, so employees don’t suffer from burnout and grow to resent their work. 

Set out a clear career path

Another factor of job attraction for Gen Z is room for progression. If you set out a clear career path, then your  employee can visually plan out and imagine themselves working their way up. This includes being transparent about the salary expectations for each role.

For example, with a hospitality role, you can outline that the advertised role can lead to becoming a supervisor, then onto assistant manager and higher managerial duties. Specificity can help bring life to the possibilities, rather than just listing ‘career progression’ in the job description.

If you can provide the in-house training for them to achieve this, then even better! A recent article by CNBC which cited results from The 2022 Career Interest Survey from NSHSS found that 63% of Gen Z expect in-person training from their employer, and most importantly, the chance to learn from their fellow colleagues and managers. 65% say they are fully aware they have a lot to learn but they are keen to do so, so train them to retain them!

Demonstrate your commitment to social and environmental change

Less than half of the global Gen Z workforce believe that business is having a positive impact on society, according to a recent survey by Deloitte this year, and this can heavily impact your ability to attract and retain the best talent for your team. G
en Z want to see their employers prioritise actions that contribute to lasting change, like being more environmentally friendly, that the employees themselves can take part in, for example, banning single-use plastic in the workplace.

Explore the evolution of Gen Z candidate behaviour and how adapting your tech and recruitment styles can broaden your talent attraction strategy by watching our recent live session at RecFest.


How do Gen Z candidates engage? What can you do?

Job advertising for the newest generation is done mainly through online sites, rather than handing in your CV or ringing up the local restaurant asking about vacancies. This is why you have to make your advert stand out from the rest. Consider creating an ad with a bulleted list while including lots of detail. As mentioned above, salary estimates are something Gen Z expect to see, as well as hours available, working days and holidays.

It is also important to make your ad clear and open to everyone. As Gen Z are the most diverse generation, making it clear you do not discriminate and are looking to recruit diverse individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds is crucial. You can do this by removing gender-focused words or by using inclusive pronouns, and stating your commitment to diversity and inclusion. You can also give any examples that show your business prioritises equality in the workplace, such as having an established HR department. Read our blog on recruiting diverse candidates.

The professional job market is becoming more modern, and writing the perfect ad to appeal to modern candidates can increase your chances of hiring the ideal employee. Want advice on how to write the perfect job ad to attract quality candidates? Watch our recent webinar: How to write the perfect job ad to attract quality applicants