What types of jobs can I do in a pub

Is working in a pub a good seasonal job?

Sometimes, a full-time career isn’t what you’re after. Maybe you’re at uni or a parent looking to work part-time for a bit of extra cash. You might be looking to get a bit of work experience here and there while you decide on what you want to do for a career. In any of those situations—and more besides—taking on a seasonal job can be a great idea. When you add in flexibility, tips on top of your regular income and a great social aspect, working in a pub is, in many ways, the ultimate seasonal role.

Let’s look in more detail at why taking on a seasonal role in a pub could be a great move for you.

👉Can I fit a pub job around other commitments?
👉What’s the social side of working in a pub like?
👉Will temporary bar work look good on my CV?

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Can I fit a pub job around other commitments?

The flexibility of hospitality roles is why so many people prefer working in a pub to getting an office job or working in retail. So, why the flexibility? Well, think about it. Pub opening hours are far longer than the (roughly) 9-5 or 9-6 you might find in other sectors. Staffing these longer hours requires a night shift and a day shift. Because bars and kitchens in pubs tend to be staffed by teams of people doing similar roles, there’s loads of scope for shift swapping.

Swapping shifts is part of the culture in hospitality so you should never feel scared to ask a colleague if something’s come up and you need to pull the old switcheroo at short notice. Everyone, your managers included, are on board with the flexible approach to work that comes with the territory in hospitality—they’ll want to accommodate you because there will be a time in the future when they might need you to cover a shift for them. What’s more, most pubs and bars have a system in place where you can request the shifts you need week-to-week so that you can be off when you need to be.

Looking for a job in a pub?🍻 Look no further! Greene King have a wide range of roles available right across the country!🙌


What’s the social side of working in a pub like?

You’ll always end up becoming pals with your colleagues at the pub, it’s just the way it goes in the industry. You’ll spend a heck of a lot of time with your colleagues: looking out for each other during the busy times and constantly communicating so you know where each other is up to. If you’re not getting along, not only is the shift going to drag, the work also isn’t going to get done as well.

That’s why pub managers will look for compatible personality types when assembling their teams. It’s in their interests that the bar team really gels on a work level and, equally, on a social level. And because those two tend to go hand in hand, you’ll often find bar staff spending their days off with one another (particularly if, like Greene King, their pub gives them a discount).

When you consider what pubs are all about—they’re places where people can meet and have a good time—it’s no coincidence that co-workers often become friends. It’s one of the reasons so many people stick with bar work for so long. Even if you start as a temporary member of the team, the friendships you make can and often do pave the way for full time roles further down the line.

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Will temporary bar work look good on my CV?

Some people are funny about including temporary jobs on their CV. There’s a perception that, because they’re only temporary, they’re not worth mentioning. And maybe there was a time when recruiters were a bit snooty about temp work—suffice to say, that’s no longer the case. These days, recruiters are looking for evidence that candidates can fit in with workplace culture and learn new skills—both of which a stint of pub work will well and truly vouch for.

Joining a pub team requires you to get up to speed really fast so that you can keep pace with customer orders and, equally, with your teammates. Payment systems, stock rotation and replenishment, following specs and serving customers—if you can get all that down quickly all while establishing yourself as a personality within the team, it’ll tell recruiters that you’ve got skills and adaptability that are highly desirable in any sector.

Taking on a few hours while you study or fulfil other commitments also shows that you’re someone who is prepared to work hard to get what they want. It adds depth to your CV, which means that when you’re applying for your next job, you’ll have real life examples to draw on to make your application stand out. No matter how far removed you might think it is from the job you’re applying for, your previous work experience is always worth talking about—and when so many companies are looking for people-focused candidates, pub experience is something worth shouting about.

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