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Barista, Retail, Hospitality, Night, Weekend, Manager and More Jobs at Welcome Break!

Looking for a job as a Barista, Sales Assistant, Team Member, Manager or Supervisor? Or maybe you’re after a part-time or weekend job to fit around your life; night shift jobs; or a chance to start a career. Whatever you need, Welcome Break is here to offer you an opportunity!

If you haven’t heard of Welcome Break, they’re pretty big on the motorway scene! Running 44 service areas and 31 hotels across the UK, they’re one of the country’s leading motorway service operators.

Team Meeting at Welcome Break

Welcome Break Team Meeting

Walk into a Welcome Break and you’ll see favourites like Starbucks, WHSmith, KFC, Waitrose, PizzaExpress and Burger King. But what you might not know is all the team members there in different uniforms work for Welcome Break!

The good news is they’re hiring UK-wide! The even better news is: it’s a wonderful place to work.

Don’t just take our word for it! Read on for our straight-to-it interview with Waitrose Partner and People Specialist at Fleet’s Welcome Break, Elwira Myslinska-Byford, along with some of the vacancies currently available UK-wide.

Elwira Myslinska-Byford smiles widely at the camera with trees in the background

Elwira Myslinska-Byford, Fleet People Specialist and Waitrose Shift Manager at Welcome Break

Want to help road-weary customers feel human again? 👋 See flexible jobs as Team Member, Sales Assistant or Barista at Welcome Break!


How long have you been working with Welcome Break?

In August, it will be three years. I started as a Waitrose Partner and currently I am a Waitrose Partner and Fleet People Specialist.

What do you like about it here?

I like the location. I like the place. And of course, I love food! So, it’s the perfect location to work! We have our regular customers who love to come back to us, of course. And yeah, just enjoying it every single day.

That’s cool! So, you recognise your customers?

Yes, I do. I do. And it’s nice because it’s more friendly. Everybody- I’m 100% sure everybody has their regular customers here. So it’s nice. It’s more like a friendship. And as Welcome Break at Fleet, we feel like we are family as well because we know each other, we like each other, we call each other, we’re helping each other between units as well. It’s one big family.

What is the work environment and culture like?

I’ve been living in UK from 2006, so I’ve worked for previous companies as well, so I can compare to when it’s quite bad *laughs* … I think I am working for the right company, with the right people and I’m being appreciated. At the same time as well, I’m being motivated…

When it’s coming to the teams… we know what’s happening and things like that. We’re helping out, we’re there for each other… and the company managers are very helpful. They are there for us…if we need to talk to them. They listen and they try to work for us team members as well. So yeah, it’s a good place to work generally.

Barista at Welcome Break smiles and hands a coffee to a driver at a drive-through


Sales Assistant at Welcome Break smiling at the store counter where she works

Sales Assistant

Night owls! 🦉 Welcome Break needs people with super staying up powers to welcome those who find themselves on the road at night (and for slightly higher wages!)


What’s your favourite thing about Welcome Break?

Oh, that’s hard! *Laughs* Apart from food, all the possibilities of having different food every day… I think it’s the people. It’s the people who I’m working with, the new people coming in, […] the regular customers. It’s the atmosphere about it.

Of course there are days when we’re busy, but that’s nice. That’s like extra adrenaline! That makes you more motivated, you know? And it’s good to know that we’re all coming together as a one big team.

What would you say to someone who’s considering applying?

Definitely that it’s good to work… because of the work place, the people… and the benefits for the team members and their parties. Of course, after lockdown, we need to catch up on a couple of those, and we’re trying our best…to meet from time to time as well outside work.

We of course will have the basic ones, which are, like, Christmas parties. We’re trying to organise a couple of nights out in the local pubs as well. I think the managers actually just had dinner out last week!

The team members are trying to do a lot of different days or events for charity, if you would like to be involved. And it’s fun, basically, for everybody.

What other benefits do you get?

So it will be free parking, meals when you’re working and there’s 50% off when you come with family and friends on the site. You get, as well, summer incentives… career opportunities, development, online courses, and doing charity… I’m just thinking. I’m sure there’s more!

(There are: Bonus schemes, training programmes, 28 holidays per year pro rata, flexible working, Cycle to Work and discounts at hundreds of retailers.)

Host Receptionist chats to a guest


Sales Assistant laughs with a customer as they look at a bouquet of bright flowers

Sales Assistant

🦸‍♀️ Prepared to become a Service Leader? Maybe even a Manager? See Manager jobs at Welcome Break!


Are there training and development pathways?

It’s up to the person who’s coming to start swith us. If they’re motivated and they want to move up, the possibilities are endless, basically. We have plenty of different units. We have…trainings from the Team Member’s level to Team Leaders, Shift Runners, Managers’ roles, Unit Business Managers as well, and of course (moving) sideways as managers… You just need to be open minded and think about what you want…in your life.

Do you apply to work for a specific brand at Welcome Break?

The contract you will get with the specific brand when you go for the interview… but of course there’s possibility to move around and transfer. Or even help out in the other units where you will learn all the additional training and extra stuff as well!

Do you have any advice for someone applying?

I think, for us, it’s very important: customer service. So, it’s nice if you’re friendly all the time, open as well. However, even if you’re not, those things are coming with the training and with the experience as well. So, I think we are open to people, generally. We can train those team members, we can show them how to do it, we can teach them…

And the practical tips: I think just be yourself when you’re coming for the interview – just be yourself. Obviously, we won’t be able to see your whole, you know, amazing appearance and character straight (away) on the interview. But at least you’ll be yourself and you’ll be happy with yourself, as well. And it’s important to us to know that you want to be here and we’re helping you to grow.

Team Member in KFC uniform at Welcome Break smiles as she offers a customer their order

Team Member

Kitchen Team Member in Burger King uniform at Welcome Break arranges a burger

Kitchen Team Membe

Discover jobs at Welcome Break in West Berkshire, Fleet, Potters Bar, Warwick, Newport Pagnell, Dursley, Gretna Green, Weston-Super-Mare and Portishead. Don’t spot your location? Check back to Welcome Break’s employer page to see if new roles become available!