What Types of Apprenticeships Are Out There?

What Types of Apprenticeships Are Out There?

Fancy getting paid to study whilst launching yourself into a career path? An apprenticeship could be a great fit for you. Discover the amazing advantages apprenticeships have to offer!

An apprenticeship is essentially a normal job: you get paid a salary and are entitled to all the standard employee benefits like holiday pay, sick pay etc.

However, alongside this, you also gain a nationally recognised qualification! With your employer or the government paying for the tuition fees, you can swiftly move up the career ladder whilst avoiding the crippling student loan debt.

What is the difference between an internship and an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a formal, long-term agreement signed contractually with your employer. Whereas an internship is a more informal arrangement that is often short-term. 

Completing an apprenticeship is a direct route into your career of choice, with the majority guaranteed a job after they gain their qualification. But an internship is more likely to give you a taste of the industry, giving you some experience and key skills in a certain field or industry to help you see if it would be the right fit for you. It is only temporary and there is no guarantee of a job offer after you finish unless stated otherwise by the employer.

What does an apprenticeship involve?

An apprenticeship consists of an 80/20 split. You must spend at least 20% of your time studying in a classroom environment and the other 80% in on-the-job training. At the end, you complete a formal assessment to gain your qualification. Anyone over the age of 16 can apply, and it is primarily for people looking to start their career, progress or who want a career change.

What are the different types of apprenticeships you can do?

There are four types of apprenticeships:

  • Intermediate (Level 2)= equivalent to 5 GCSEs (1 year- 18 months to complete)
  • Advanced (Level 3) = equivalent to A level (2 years to complete)
  • Higher (Levels 4, 5, 6 and 7)= equivalent to a foundation degree and above (3-6 years to complete)
  • Degree (Levels 6 and 7) = equivalent to a bachelor’s or master’s degree (3-6 years to complete)

Apprenticeships in Hospitality:

Level 2 apprenticeships in hospitality are a great starting point to enter the industry. For example, PizzaExpress’ most popular apprenticeships are Hospitality Team Member Food Preparation Level 2 courses, which can give you vital kitchen experience, guided by the chefs or Pizzaiolos! The Hospitality Team Member Food & Beverage Service Level 2 teaches you how to be a great Front of House member and deliver amazing customer service. 


Another common hospitality apprenticeship is Level 3, which is for those that have a passion for the industry and want to progress to a role of supervision and leadership. For example, it could qualify you to land management jobs such as Bar Manager, Head Chef, Front of House Manager, Kitchen Manager and many more. 


You can also go on to do a Higher-Level Apprenticeship which is the equivalent of a degree. This will aid your progression to a regional management role and a much higher salary.


With the support and guidance of your employer, apprenticeships are the golden ticket to progression, giving you key skills and knowledge for free!

Apprenticeships you can apply for on Placed!

Apprentice Chef at The Goose Gamston Pub & Grill with Greene King


What this includes:

  • A mix of face-to-face and virtual check-ins every 4-6 weeks
  • On-the-job training and workshops & webinars
  • Feedback sessions
  • A nationally recognised qualification that looks great on your CV


With no skills required, all they ask for is a willingness to learn and grow, someone who is passionate about hospitality, and is determined to work hard.

Nosy for more? Check out the vibes at latest pubs from Greene King Locals!


Apprentice Senior Pizza Chef at PizzaExpress in Liverpool Street, London 


What this includes:

  • As a Level 3 qualification, you’ll gain a qualification equivalent to A Levels
  • Support and guidance every step along the way from your Lifetime Regional Trainer and Restaurant Manager
  • PizzaExpress partners with Lifetime Training to provide this apprenticeship

To learn more about working at PizzaExpress, check out our Q&A with PizzaExpress Restaurant Manager Beki Galvin (who also undertook apprenticeships during her career!)

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