Ready to turn your social media habit into a force for good? Fill your feeds with professional advice and inspiration from these five career-themed accounts (hand-picked by the Placed team) and start living your best work life.

Talk Twenties

Who’s it for? The clue’s in the name – this account is aimed at twenty-somethings that are looking to progress their professional career.

Who’s behind it? Gaby Mendes, who describes herself as ‘your 20s wing-woman’ and is the host of the accompanying Talk Twenties podcast.

What do they post about? A broad range of tips and advice for young professionals – recent themes include what to do if you’ve been made redundant, how to set financial goals, and spotting the signs of burnout. There are also regular Insta Lives with experts.

Where to find them? Instagram. The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple.

Let’s Talk About Work

Who’s it for? Graduates and young professionals looking to build their ‘dream careers’ and make the most of their skills.

Who’s behind it? Freya, a professional career coach and mentor.

What do they post about? Clear advice and insights on getting jobs and making the most of them once you do. Often posts act as prompts in order to get candidates to think differently about their skills and situation. There are also testimonials from people that have been coached by Freya.

Where to find them? Instagram – and on a video call if you book a private coaching session.

Jack Parsons

Who’s it for? Most people will find valuable nuggets of wisdom and insight from Jack’s posts, but they are particularly relevant for aspirational professionals with an interest in working culture.

Who’s behind it? Jack is one of the UK’s most prominent young business leaders. He serves as the Chief Youth Officer for The Youth Group and is committed to improving job prospects for young people.

What do they post about? Always meaningful and heartfelt, Jack’s posts detail his own struggles and accomplishments as well as wider industry news and developments through a young person’s lens.

Where to find them? He’s most active on LinkedIn where he has over 34,000 followers.

British Black Girl

Who’s it for? As its website explains, British Black Girl offers ‘a fun yet informative gaze into life as the B in the British Bame society’ but its content will resonate with most young adults.

Who’s behind it? The exact author of this account is unclear, but the website explains that BBG ‘is fronted by a quick-witted, black, 20-something female’.

What do they post? British Black Girl draws on personal experience to help candidates and young professionals navigate their working lives. Posts tend to be motivational or informative in nature and always say it like it is.

Where to find them? On Instagram, mainly, but BBG also has a newsletter and promises that a blog is coming soon.

The Penny Mix

Who’s it for? Anyone that’s looking to better understand their financial options or looking for career-related money tips.

Who’s behind it? Katie – a finance nerd and co-host of the Risky Mix podcast, which aims to improve diversity and inclusion in the insurance industry.

What do they post? Simple graphics and content that breaks down and explains some quite complicated financial concepts. Penny Mix avoids jargon and instead focuses on the need-to-knows around ISAs, pensions, tax and more. There are lots of questions on each post which Katie answers quickly and thoughtfully.

Where to find them? Instagram. The Risky Mix podcast is on Spotify.

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