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Interviews: How to be more than just a CV

Employers want to invest in people. They all want to unearth a hidden gem or see the best in someone who shows a lot of potential. The human factor is often ignored but it is also the reason that we aren’t hired immediately after sending over our CVs. Here are some important things to remember when going for your next interview.

Does This Job Fit?

From the very beginning application process, you should be thinking about how You fit into the role. Think about what they are looking for in an applicant. Can you picture yourself in that description? Think about how your skills and personality lend themselves to the role. Do a bit of research and look at recent industry news, career pages, and think about how your personality and ambitions mirror the company culture?

Make a point to highlight this at your interview. Not only does this show you have taken the application seriously, it reflects your attitude as a person, i.e this person is forward-thinking, they are proactive and they care about more than just the pay.

Be Relatable

Talking about interests and hobbies outside of work will helps. It gives you a chance to talk shared interests or get someone interested in you as a person. Remember we all have lives and interests outside of the workplace and this is a great opportunity to show your passion. Stick to what you know, don’t overdo it and remember to ask questions. The best interviews are ones that go off-piste, get people interested and go on longer than they were planned.

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Show You’re a Team Player

When you’re doing an interview, use real-life examples that highlight your interpersonal skills. This will help them work out if you can be effective as part of a team, if you are a strong communicator, if you can build and maintain strong relationships with colleagues and customers and just basically if you can get the job done. It’s one of the most important skills when working in any industry. But what interpersonal skills employers looking for? Read this.

Ask the Right Questions

Before you ask a question, think, can I find this information myself? Asking a venue, Where they are based or How much the pay is can sometimes end up painting you in a bad light and leave the interviewer thinking you’re only interested in one thing. It also won’t give you any more information about the business (which is what they really want to talk about).

Be engaging and inquisitive, ask about any exciting plans for the business for the next 12 months, what are the training and development opportunities available. Do people like to socialise and bond as a team? The more formal questions can be asked at the end but always establish rapport before you get stuck into the nitty-gritty.

Be Yourself

Most importantly. Remember we are all amazing and unique! Show them who you are and be proud of what makes you different.

Gooood luck!

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