Q & A with a Dija Rider

First up, here is an interview with our Rider Lead Saifur from our Holloway Store. Saif, over to you:

How long have you been with Dija?

I joined the team around mid-Feb, for me Dija has been amazing as I’ve been given the

opportunity to learn new things from people. A lot of people have come into Dija and provided

guidance. Overall it’s been like a family, especially Holloway. Working alongside Zani (the store

manager) and Dean (lead rider) – they’ve pushed me to step up into my Lead Rider Role.

What do you like the most about Dija and your role?

The fact that when you come into the store, new starters receive a warm welcome. I’m learning a lot of new things, so for young people in a start up business it’s an amazing opportunity. I’d definitely recommend it! I’m proud of working for Dija and providing a great service.

Tell us a little about yourself? Any hobbies?

I love automotives – I’ve got a big passion for superfast, classic and old school cars. I’m looking forward to going to a classic car event (American muscle cars) think fast & furious. Hobbies – interior design, I like renovating and changing things.

What’s been your most memorable customer delivery to date?

Once I went to deliver cat food to an elderly woman – she was so surprised at how fast we were. She loved her cat so much and she was so used to ordering through Amazon – she handed me a fresh £5 note because she was so happy with the service. It was really motivating that I’d made her so happy and gave me the satisfaction that I’d catered to her needs.

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What would you like to learn at Dija?

I’d like to see where Dija takes me, I’m now a part of the rider recruitment process and I’d like to continue learning more about it – nothing stops, I’m willing to try new things. I’m going with the flow.”

We also got a chance to catch up with one of our Team Leads at the Holloway Store, let me introduce you to Benny!

How long have you been with Dija?

I’ve been at Dija now for a couple of months. I started mid April.

What do you like the most about Dija and your role?

I like a lot of things about working at Dija. The fantastic people I’ve met, the optimism felt throughout the company, how every person working for Dija at every level has a noticeable impact on this rapidly growing and exciting company

Tell us a little about yourself? Any hobbies?

Hobbies are split between hobbies with wife and hobbies without. With wife would be finding new places to eat and drink, live music, hanging with friends, or randomly putting a pin in a map and driving there. For myself it would be music, reading or just going for long walks. Not sure I have any fun facts. Maybe mildly interesting facts. I once cycled from London to Berlin, which is mildly interesting. I have a house in Thailand, which is probably a better one just for the bragging rights.”

Most memorable moment at Dija?

I’ve certainly had some memorable and fun moments at Dija, good laughs with great people, feelings of satisfaction and achievement when overcoming particular problems or crazy busy days with loads of orders and inbounds. However if I’m honest, it was probably getting advice about different beers from Yusuf, then him buying them for me. That was odd and very cool.

What would you like to learn at Dija?

I’m going to throw myself into anything and everything that can help me learn more about the company, what directions we’re taking, how we plan to get there. I’d like to learn everything I can to do my part in helping us get there.