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Join our Placed Panel 2.0!

We’re recruiting for our second ever Placed panel! Last time was a huge success.. And this time we know it’s going to be even better! Of course, we want YOU to be a part of it.

Discover more about this exciting volunteering opportunity and find out how to apply below.

What is the Placed Panel?

Not too long ago we ran our first ever Placed Panel, comprised of young jobseekers and professionals with a unique perspective on Placed and the current job market. The time has come to create our second Panel, and we’d love you to join it!

We want people with strong opinions on what young jobseekers need as we ease out of lockdown – preferably based on personal experience – and an abundance of ideas for how Placed can make a positive change.

The Placed Panel will meet bi-weekly either online or in person (depending on lockdown restrictions) and be encouraged to actively participate in a WhatsApp group chat for ‘Placed Panelists’ on a weekly basis.

Our ‘Panel’ will run for three months (June – August 31), with a chance to continue into the next Panel if you’d like to!

What do ‘Placed Panelists’ Get in Return?

First up, we want to be clear that this isn’t a paid job. It’s an honorary and voluntary position that only requires a few hours commitment each month and can easily fit around your job search or a full-time role. And if you need to drop out at any time – that’s totally fine! We’re confident though that being a part of our Placed Panel will be a fun, valuable and rewarding experience, as well as one that you can show off to employers!

Here are some of the special benefits our Placed Panelists will enjoy:

  • One-on-one mentorship and career guidance
  • Promotion to our database of employers
  • Wine and dine once a month at one of our partner venues
  • Monthly surprise gift (Amazon voucher etc.)
  • Certificate of completion and testimonial from Placed.

How to apply

If you’re interested in taking part, head over to the Placed app to get a feel for the platform and apply now. Good luck!

We won’t be selecting applicants based on their skills or experience. Instead we’ll be picking people that we think offer a unique perspective and those that will benefit from the experience – so don’t be discouraged if you don’t make it through! We’re also planning on running more Placed Panels in the future so you’ll have a chance to reapply then.

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