We’re building our first ever Placed panel and we want YOU to be a part of it.

Discover more about this exciting volunteering opportunity and find out how to apply below.

What is the Placed Panel?

It’ll be a small group of young jobseekers and professionals with a unique perspective on Placed and the current job market. We want people with strong opinions on what young jobseekers need at this unprecedented time – preferably based on personal experience – and an abundance of ideas for how Placed can make a positive change.

The Placed Panel will meet monthly either online or in person (depending on lockdown restrictions) and be encouraged to actively participate in a group chat for ‘Placed Panelists’ on a weekly basis.

Our first ‘Panel’ will run for three months (October – December 31).

What do ‘Placed Panelists’ Get in Return?

First up, we want to be clear that this isn’t a paid job. It’s an honorary and voluntary position that only requires a few hours commitment each month and can easily fit around your job search or a full-time role. And if you need to drop out at any time – that’s totally fine! We’re confident though that being a part of our first Placed Panel will be a fun, valuable and rewarding experience, as well as one that you can use to fill a gap on your CV.

Here are some of the special benefits our Placed Panelists will enjoy:

  • One-on-one mentorship and career guidance
  • Promotion to our database of employers
  • Wine and dine once a month at one of our partner venues
  • Monthly surprise gift (Amazon voucher etc.)
  • Certificate of completion and testimonial from Placed.

How to apply

If you’re interested in taking part, head over to the Placed app to get a feel for the platform and apply now. Good luck!

We won’t be selecting applicants based on their skills or experience. Instead we’ll be picking people that we think offer a unique perspective and those that will benefit from the experience – so don’t be discouraged if you don’t make it through! We’re also planning on running another Placed Panel next year so you’ll have a chance to reapply then.