Meet the Faces of Bupa Customer Service

Bupa is hiring for Customer Service Advisors and Sales Advisors right now on Placed App. Curious about the roles and what they entail? Get to know Kush and Lyndsey, two lovely people working in Bupa customer service, and learn a little bit about their backgrounds. Here’s the inside scoop!

Meet Kush Mustafa, a 27 year old Healthcare Consultant who has been working for Bupa for six months within sales customer service.

“As an Advisor, a lot of the time you’ll be dealing with customers that have never had private medical insurance. As we’re going through a pandemic, a lot of people are concerned with cover under the NHS and are looking into private medical insurance. Your role is to help them understand a process they’ve never used before. It’s about taking your time and introducing a new product to them, and explaining to them exactly what it is that they can get out of Bupa.”

“You could also be dealing with customers that have already enrolled with Bupa on company schemes, who are looking to enrol on a personal basis, so they already know a little about it themselves. Day-to-day you will be managing your pipeline.”

“On a busy day, you can be taking up to 15 calls in a day or more. Quiet days will be less.”

“I got married last year and moved to Manchester, so I was looking for a nice workplace where I could get to know people and increase my network, and Bupa does just that.”

“I’ve always been a very bubbly character and I’ve always really enjoyed getting to know people. I feel like I can bring this to the calls I make – I’m genuinely interested in what people are doing, what they’re up to, and what makes them want to pick up the phone that day.”

“Everytime I speak to a customer, get a sale and put it through, it’s such a buzz. It’s not just a target for yourself, its for the team but it’s also about helping the customer and making sure they get the right product or service for them. Every person in the team brings something different to the table, which in turn helps the company and our customers”

“I’ve never felt so supported before Bupa. Here, I actually have the opportunity to develop further. You can always ask your manager if you want to explore other departments.”

“When you’re brand new to Bupa and taking your first calls, there’s some nervousness of course. It can be quite funny actually. I remember when I was putting my first sales through, I still needed help from others, so while on the phone I was constantly waving and signalling to get people to come over and help! Some things you just have to learn by experience. As a new starter you’ll likely mess things up, but it’s always funny to look back on.”

“I’ve been here for 8 months now, and looking back at my first call, the difference in confidence is night and day. I’m so much more relaxed.”

“With Bupa, although we have to reach targets, it’s not always about the numbers. If you just deliver a good service, you’ll get results. It just comes naturally when you sound like you actually genuinely want to help.”

Meet Lyndsey Errington! Working for Bupa for 15 years, she started as a Member Service Advisor and progressed through the company over a number of years. She now looks after the Performance Academy, where she manages new starters, a team of coaches and handles the recruitment of Customer Service Advisors.

“When I was young, I always wanted to be a nurse or a teacher. And while I didn’t go to uni and didn’t really know what I wanted to do, I always knew I was interested in health and teaching.” 

“At the time I was working a job in retail, where I enjoyed talking to customers and helping people. I worked in La Senza, an underwear shop, where I got to have a lot of 1-to-1 interaction with customers. We used to measure people, help people for their weddings and lots more. There were a range of different customers, and it was such a nice environment.”

“I’d heard an advert for Bupa on the radio, and it suited my interest in healthcare, so I went for the job. Over the years at Bupa I’ve experienced so many different teams, and I’m finally settling for 5 years in my role now at the Performance Academy. I just really enjoy learning, and at Bupa, you’re given the chance to really develop and learn new skills in your role.”

“The people who thrive in customer service at Bupa are the ones who enjoy fast-paced environments, can cope with speaking to many different types of people, and are empathetic. You have to really care about wanting to do the best for the people that you help. There is a technical side too, so being able to handle typing and updating the system while talking is important, too.”

“A moment that has really stuck with me is a time when I was a Member Service Advisor. At the time, we had offices in Ireland. Bupa was training up new staff in their office in Cork and needed someone to come over and mentor. So, I flew over for three weeks on my own, and I was honestly so scared. I was just 19 and still living with my parents, so it was a big thing for me. But when I got back, it gave me the confidence to apply for mentoring roles within Bupa, and I even got a secondment to be a manager. I’ve really grown as a person here.”