Do the right thing and get rewarded for it – join Placed’s Way to Work campaign.

Last week, we officially launched our new Way to Work initiative, which gives young job-seekers a route back to work through empowering content, resources and jobs.

Now, we’re looking to recruit ‘supporters’ – employers to help us create compelling content and help you connect with Gen Z talent in a meaningful way.

Here, we take you through the fundamentals of the campaign and explain how supporting Way to Work is a surefire, cost-free way to boost your employer brand and proactively engage your workforce of tomorrow.

Why we’re running this campaign

As we all know, the effects of lockdown have been disastrous for the UK economy. Thousands of jobs have been cut and many businesses, particularly within the hospitality, travel, retail and leisure sectors, are struggling to stay afloat.

On the candidate side, one group has been more affected than most – 16-24 year olds. One in three of this age group have lost their job, while many more have seen opportunities to get on the career ladder pulled out from underneath them. Under 25s are two and a half times more likely to work in an industry closed down by the virus.

We cannot afford to let this generation fall by the wayside. They are not just our future, but our here and now.

Why now is the right time for employers to support this campaign

With Brexit and new immigration laws also looming over service industries, now is the time for employers to think ahead and be proactive in their approach to recruitment.

By helping us support Gen Z candidates at their time of need, you will create a trusted employer brand that helps you hire the best talent for years to come.

What the campaign will do

While we support the government’s plan to subsidise paid placements for under 25s (Kickstart Scheme) it only deals with one part of the problem.

Gen Z job-seekers don’t just need access to placements but the skills and confidence to excel once they’re there. They need to be able to find jobs efficiently through the channels they already use and love. Most importantly, they need to feel valued and supported by employers.

Which is where we come in. Placed has already built a platform used and loved by hundreds of thousands of job-seekers, one that speaks their language and lets them drive the job-finding process.

Now we’re going a step further.

Through Way to Work, we’ll be supporting and empowering them with regular content, resources and job opportunities. So that they feel connected to their career once again and have the tools and confidence to fulfil their professional potential.

For employers, this is a great opportunity to showcase your employer brand, build a pipeline of candidates and gain the trust of a generation that is values-led.

How it will benefit partners

Placed can’t do this on our own – and nor should we.

For this campaign to succeed, we need support from across the industry – to help us get the word out and create content that is genuinely compelling and useful to candidates.

In return, we are offering employers that sign up for free a range of short-term and long-term benefits.

How to become an official supporter of Way to Work

To make it easier, we have separated our supporter packages into three tiers – depending on the level of time and support each individual employer can give the campaign.

To be clear, there is no cost associated with any of the packages.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss which package works best for you.