Chef Alex Claridge and his team at the wilderness have started a petition calling for the government to offer guaranteed support for the hospitality industry while dealing with the fallout from the Coronavirus outbreak. So far the petition has gained over 80,000 signatures and is well on its way to reaching its goal. 

This comes in response to the government’s announcements for a new approach to dealing with the virus in which Boris stated that everyone should avoid unnecessary contact and stay away from restaurants, pubs, and bars. This undoubtedly will have a profound effect on the hospitality industry and calling for a boycott without officially closing venues could mean a huge loss of revenue without the backing of insurance. 

Alex Claridge says: “I couldn’t sit by and watch the hard work my team, my peers and three billion other people crumble before my eyes overnight and started a petition to ask for our questions to be answered”

The petition is asking for:

  • Clear support – financial and practical – laid out by the government for both staff and business owners alike 
  • A decision from the government – because if we take the decision to close any form of insurance is no longer an option
  • Clarity for guests to ensure their safety 
  • Transparency on timeline so businesses can prepare logistically and rationally for times ahead 

The Wilderness and Hospitality in action are also setting up a fundraising campaign “to help individuals and businesses during this crisis”. 

Later today the government will announce measures to help support businesses during this period. 

Placed is asking everyone to join our forces, sign this petition and help support the industry.

To sign the petition click HERE.